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OBM: At first, how are things at the moment by you guys?

Hi! Well…things are going very well at the moment …lucky ,the  relations between us are very positive at the moment we are working hard about the new stuff for the upcoming cd and planning the promotional tour, then Inside Process are living a very good period…also if there is much work to do

OBM: Can you tell us a litte bit about your band history ?
Inside Process born in Viterbo in the summer 2005, after some changes, they reach the actual line-up in spring 2006. After a short period they decide to record their first promo of three tracks at Emerald Studio in Rome. Inside Process proposes an aggressive metal-core, alternated to melodic vocals and instrumental lines taking influences from their groups “guide” like Caliban, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage.The work of the five boys has carried them the first results, like the sponsor taken from Friday Clothing (Singapore), and two contracts: with Hells Booking (Germany) and Kick Promotion Agency (Italy).In december 2006 Inside Process bringed their  show in East, with a tour in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailandia. And some other concerts in Germany during February 2007

OBM: What is the idea behind your band name "Inside Process", is there are deeper background on it?
Yes, even if all we think that the name Inside Process can have a varied number of means...for us it means that process of inner increase that we all as mankind we have... the development of the several feelings as they can as an example be: hatred, love, frustration, pride etc etc... or more simply, increase understanding like that everyone of us completes in the infinite maze that can be the life.


OBM: What is the definition of your sound, what kind of music style is more present in your sound,Hardcore or Metal?

I think that the right sound’s definition of Inside Process it’s just  Metal core….and… hehe... I think  that this is one of those questions which it’s impossible to answer... everyone of us, has his preferences, hardcore or metal

OBM: What are your music influence and how do you use it for you own music?
Our main musical infuences, and our sound, can emerge alone through our songs, InsideProcess are mostly ispired by Killswitch Engage, As I lay Dying and Caliban... even if everyone of us are influenced from many other bands and many other kinds, like can be the hardcore and bands pertaining to the same scene like, Sick of it all, Hatebreed, Wals of Jerico... etc…

OBM: How many CDs do you have recorded up to now?

At the moment we have just one promo cd out, composed by 3 tracks…recorded 1 year ago about…

OBM: Did you produced the CDs by yourselfe?

No, we don’t do that…to record our last cd(demo) we have asked the help of Emerald recordings studio…a very professional and good one, were we have found great persons wich they really know how to work in that kind of music

M: Who is responsible for your songwriting?

Our songs are born from the union of all our ideas... we are not one of those bands where there is only a person who creates a song and after all they must play what that person has sayd (I don’t say that is wrong)... but opposite we try to create our songs togheter, in room, this involves much time and a lot often arguments...because however it’s not easy  always put  the opinion of 5 individuals and to make meet it in an only end product...

OBM: What are your songs about?

Our songs mostly talk about the real life and the sorrows that humans have…are a mix of all our feelings, bad or good wich they can be, about the love and about the difficulty to grow…

We try to explain that with a language that sometime can be rude and “dark” or sometimes easyer with an hopes background…

OBM: From where do you get the ideas and the creative for the Songs?

As I have sayd before we try to get our ideas from the real life mostly, are the things that we live every day that inspire us for the songwriting

OBM: Did any member have a side projekt, or is “Inside Process” the one and only?

Well… unlucky… everyone of us is engaged alone in this project… and I say unlucky  because every member of Inside Process is a very versatile person…I think everyone would like to play in other project but unlucky there is not time and money to do it…specially when u care about your first band

OBM: Are you working beside your band?

All Inside Process are working in this project…all of us has a particular thing to do,then in this way we can share everything and it doesn’t happen that we have a leader wich has everything on his back

OBM: Is it hard to be accept in the metal- and hardcore in italy?

I can say that the Hardcore scene in Italy it’s huge…we have many awesome bands, I think very competitive also with the international scene, and also the metal scene it’s great here…but unlucky we have a few ways to let it knows outside our country…except of course the most popular bands wich they are supported by major labels…

OBM: You play some shows in germany, is this the first time that you play in germany?

We are planning some gigs in Germany during October…but it’s not our first time there…we have been there during the last February, in Kaiserslautern and Riegelsberg…it was an AWESOME experience for us…we LOVE Germans!!the crowd it’s great!!

OBM: What is planed for the next time?

We are planning to record our first full length and we really hope to release it during September or October at the least, and we are working hard also to plan our promo European tour…and as I have said before we’ll hit also some city in Germany, like Karlshure and Hamburg…

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers?

We would like to say thanx to all guys that support us…we really hope that germans would likes Inside Process and that they’ll never get tired of our music…we’ll do always all the best and we can’t wait to come again in your awesome country!! Thanx to Own Blood magazine first of all, in particular to Benjamin! Thanx for your time! And we would like to say thanx to everybody that is working behind Inside Process, like, Kick Agency, the german Hells Kitchen Booking, Friday clothing and Mosh Clothing!

And thank you  that u are reading our stuff!



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