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show, before we had a full band! Its everyones dream to tour the world, and make a living from something they love. And we are inches away from living that goal.

OBM:How was it for you to sign up by such a big record label like Nuclear Blast?

The are amazing... Without them, we wouldnt have the success that we have now. Excelent promotion and support from those dudes

OBM:How long did you have work on your debut Album?

Since we were very new at writing, it took some time to put songs together. We really didnt know what we were going to sound like, we just knew it had to be bad ass! I was actually figuring out how to sing properly when we started writing, because we needed a singer and i used to yell some words in a local band. Kyle, Rich and I began writing for Threat Signal almost 2 years before the recording of Under Reprisal.

OBM:Do you work at the moment on a follower Album from "Under Reprisal"?

We have a lot of material laying around. We are going to start demo'ing more songs for the album very soon. We've recorded one at my house, and it sound fuckin amazing!!! The fans are going to shit themselves when they hear the new music. Its basically a progression of the last album. The heavy parts are more intese, and the melodic parts are even cooler.

OBM:Is it hard to top the last Album, or are you going rather laxly on the new Album?

Every album is about progressing from the last one, and becoming better as song writers and musicians. We are always going to try and better ourselves and create some bad ass fuckin tunes.


OBM:Can you tell us a little bit about the songwriting, how did the songs grow?

Kyle starts by tabbing song ideas into a computer program called guitar pro, then we send the files back and forth to eachother adding different parts. This way of writing is very accurate and precise. If we didnt have a program like this, I beleive we couldnt have created some of the crazy riffage we have. Kyle sometimes creates licks he cant even play yet, and it forces him to push harded to play them.

OBM:Have you find up to now a new guitarist?

We are still looking for a replacement rhythm guitarist. Right now we are touring Pantera style and its pretty damn fun. But we do need to fill that position soon

OBM:Do you have other projects beside "Threat Signal",or is "Threat Signal" the one and only?

We are focusing on Threat Signal only. I find it hard to focus on anything else in this stage of the game.

OBM:What are you doing on tour, when you are not on stage?


OBM:A lot of bands pay more attention to there image than there music. How is your opinion?

Image isnt a big deal to us... we wear the same clothes as we do on the street. we let the music speak for itself.

OBM:In Europe there are some metal- and hardcore bands, who have prescribed the Straight Edge scene lifestyle. How does the scene look in the U.S.A.?

There are so many different scenes here right now.... I personaly dont like the striaght edge scene or the christian scene. I think its all a gimick and a trend. I think people try to fit into these scenes and they dont even understand the meaning behind them, they just wanna fit in and be cool. I think people beleifs should be kept to themselfs and not forced upon anyone. I agree with sending out positive messages, but why put a fuckin label on it and try to sell it?

OBM:What are your plans this year?

Touring hard. Then writing and recording the next album in the fall.

OBM:At last, have you something to say to our readers?

Thanks for listening to what I have to say! It means a lot. And if you truely want to support this band, please buy the CD and dont download it. Our label needs to see the sales numbers or we cant make anymore music for you! thanks so much

Jon Howard - Vocals


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