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OBM:Explain your band in a few sentences, please!

Hiro: Hi, my name is Hiro. I'm guitarist in this band. We formed 1998 and released some stuff from Japan, US, Germany and Australia labels. other Members are Koba(bass), Manabu(vocal), Hiroyuki(guiter) and Masa(Drums). Just we released full length album "Still Climbin' Still Believin'" from IMPERIUM RECORDINGS(Japan) and playing many shows as record release tour.

OBM:Your band is already started since 1998 what have you reached till present everything?

Koba: Fortunately we have released many cds in Japan, US, Germany and Australia since 1998. It's glad our music to be spreaded to kids all over the world. and After playing many shows at locals all over Japan, we had a lot of chances to share stages with many big bands(HATEBREED, TERROR, FIRST BLOOD, UNEARTH, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and SLAYER..etc)in Japan. Before playing band, we couldn't think to share stage with them. Especially SLAYER..unbelievable. haha.

OBM:How many Cds do you have published?

Koba: We have published 2 album, 1 discography, 4 ep and joined many v/a.

OBM:Have you touring only in Japan?

Hiro: We had ever played rest of asia district(south Korea etc) as tour and got good response from Korean kids. that's so Excited. and We released some titles on Oceania, US, Germany labels. So, definitely we would like to go over seas to play shows in the future!! but basicly in Japan life is expensive.. Our full length album is each 15 euro.. we can't distribute many copies over there easily. So, always trying to get Europian / American lisence deal and want to spread our music more than ever. Especially Germany has many awesome bands, we had played with CALIBAN, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MAROON ever. Next, we want to play with rest of great german bands in Germany!!

OBM:Who is responsible for your songwriting?

Koba: Hiro is responsible for our all songwriting!!! I think he is one of the greatest songwriter in Japan.

OBM:Are there in Japan a lot of hardcore bands?

Koba: Yes, there is a big hardcore community called "Bloodaxe 168

Communications". and there are a lot of good hardcore bands in 168. for example..CRYSTAL LAKE, EXTINGUISH THE FIRE, BIRTHPLACE, ENDZWECK, AT ONE STROKE, ENDZWECK, BLOOD CALLS WE DIE, IN ALL SINCERITY, CANOPUS, THE TEN


OBM:Which bands would you still recommend us from Japan?

Koba: i recommend two bands "ENDZWECK" and "CRYSTAL LAKE". ENDZWECK released their discography from GOODLIFE RECORDINGS. so easy to get it!! CRYSTAL LAKE sound influenced by metal core band. their latest cd called "Dimention" is fucking amazing. please check them out(!!

OBM:You describe yours sound as "Revolutionary Power New School" how expresses itself in your music?

Hiro: Yeah. We dont know what we should say our muzik haha. Cuz we dont want to say "we are metal core from japan" or "we are mosh core from japan" or "we are new school HxC from japan" haha. I really like every kind of muzik. Of course I love metal core movement, old school movement, metal muzik, or every muzik movement and getting big influence from HxC bands all over the world. so I guess sure we want to say we are HxC band from Japan. haha. But always we are trying to make a revolution(muzikly, mindly). So often uprising this our own style.

OBM:Your topical album "Still Climbin Still Believin'" reminds me strongly of a mixture of "Hatebreed" and "Throwdown", would you agree that?

Hiro: Sure. We are getting big influence from both bands. But I love tones of influence from rest of my fav bands. haha. We had gone tour with FIRST BLOOD, THE PROMISE, TERROR and some US bands and got influence from them. But we love old bands around 95's STRIFE, SNAPCASE, EARTH CRISIS or some kind of middle-new school HxC around VICTORY / NEW AGE RECORDS. But always listenning europe metal / hardcore bands too. Personaly I love germany bands like HSB,

DEADLOCK, MAROON, PRAY FOR REDEMPTION, END IS FOREVER, FALL OF SERENITY, NEVER FACE DEFEAT, INCARNATE or some bands from whole euro district. I have a label called RETRIBUTION NETWORK and distributing VILLAGE KIDS RECORDS, DEMONS RUN AMOK, LUCIFERS LEGIONS, titles. Appreciate for their big support to japanese bands!!

OBM:Today you played a show with Hatebreed, how was it for you ?

Koba: Yes!! that show was so amazing!!!!! Maybe over 700kids came to the show. They played many songs(including many old songs!!!!!). and It was honor for us many kids were dancing and divingin on our show!! i was so excited at that stage. haha.

OBM:Do you have some final words for our readers and your fans ?

Koba: First, thank you so much giving this interview. Appreciating for Benjamin / OBM -Team. we are very glad to get this chance in europe. if get interested us, please get in touchlighthearted

( We hope to play some shows and meet you guys over there someday. see you.


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