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OBM: At first, tell us a little bit about your band "The Crimson Veil"?

The Crimson Veil is a 5 piece metal band from Dallas, Texas. We started jamming almost a year ago as a full band, and things have been coming together ever since.

We share a passion for melodic, heavy metal that is fast, intense, and powerful.


OBM: How would you describe your music, how sounds it?

Our main influences are mostly European metal bands, such as Norther, Children of Bodom, In Flames...that sort of thing. So our music is a pretty solid mix of European metal, but we still maintain our own sense of style and originality. We just play what we feel.


OBM: Your band was formed in the mid of 2006. Who had the idea to establish the band?

The band was originally formed by Brady, Dave, and Dennis. They managed to find Les to take over on the drums. Les and I had been in a band before called Dead like Romance, so he called me up and brought me out to the studio where the guys were working on a couple tracks. I liked what I heard, and the lineup was finalized pretty much that day.


OBM: What meaning have does the name "The Crimson Veil“?

The Crimson Veil was actually a song title for a while. The song itself is about the trials of being in a relationship, specifically marriage and the pain that can be attributed to that happiness. Happiness is meaningless without suffering and sadness, and the song is really a testament to that. It became our band name when we were booked for our first show, and about two weeks prior to the show, we still didn't have a name. So we just went with one of our song titles.


OBM: How many albums do you have up to now or is one in plan?

We are actually wrapping up our first self-titled EP, which contains what we feel are our five best songs. We just need to do a few more things before it will be completed. The hope is to release it within a few months, and we couldn't be more excited to release it and have people hear what we've been working so hard on.


OBM: What kind of feeling did you get when your first album was finished?

It's always a great feeling to hear your work come together in the studio. I'm sure anyone that has been very passionate about a project of any kind can relate to the feeling you get when it is finally finished and you couldn't be more pleased with the end result. It's very fulfilling and also a big relief.


OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs?

Like I mentioned earlier, we play what we feel. Our music reflects the emotions that people go through on a daily basis, so our main source of inspiration is life in general, and everything that encompasses.


OBM: What are your songs about, what will you express with them?

Our songs are mostly about the struggles that people endure throughout their lives. Sometimes it can really feel like an endless battle, and Brady is able to capture the sense of frustration and anger in his lyrics.


OBM: How long did you work on your first album?

We've been writing the material for our first CD back since the start of the band, really. We've been writing, rewriting, and fine tuning these songs for almost a year, so we will be extremely glad once the CD is finished. We're very proud of what we've written


OBM: Do you have a record label?

Nope, but definitely looking :)


OBM: Can you tell us about the hardcore- and metal scene in Texas and whole America?

The metal and hardcore scene in America is really pretty diverse. Some cities have amazing scenes, where both metal kids and the hardcore kids will come out to all the shows and just have a good time. In other places, it’s a bit more separated. So it really varies from city to city. We've played all over Texas, and each show has been great, so the scene here seems to be doing awesome and going strong!


OBM: What`s your opinion about the scenes?

The scenes are always great for bands. It helps people with the same tastes in heavy music unite and have fun together at shows. It also gives people a chance to hear about new bands that they might not be familiar with. As a band, you really couldn't ask for anything better than a strong and loyal scene.


OBM: Do you have plans for any tours?

We're actually planning a little tour at the end of July and early August to help promote our upcoming EP. We're excited to get on the road and play our music in front of different crowds who have never seen or heard of us before


OBM: Which band would you like to share the stage with?

Personally, I'm a HUGE Norther fan. To share the stage with those guys would be awesome! I'm also really into Mors Principium Est, so that would be amazing as well! There's so many great bands that have had a huge influence on me as a's so hard to choose! Oh, Wintersun would be another.


OBM: Which band can you recommend us and our readers?

I recently got into Mors Principium Est, and I wish I had heard about them sooner! They are an amazing band out of Finland, and would recommend them to anyone who likes Metal. Here in Texas, there is one band from San Antonio called SkyTornRed, who are really writing some great tunes and helping to bring back melodic metal to the area. Definitely check them out as well.


OBM: What are your aims this year?

This year, we hope to get our music out there, and give people some new, fresh metal to listen to. If we can accomplish that much, I will be happy. We also plan to continue writing new music and hopefully find a label that we can release our first full length CD on.


OBM: And finally, any last words to our readers and fans from “The Crimson Veil”!

Yeah, just want to say a quick thanks for supporting the metal scene! It's the fans who are responsible for keeping metal alive! We hope you check out our self-titled EP to be released soon!

We thank you very much for this interview. We hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot Angelo and Benjamin! Stay heavy!


The Crimson Veil-The Crimson Veil


Line Up:

David Christian Beard - Gesang
Brandon Loggins - Gitarre
Gabriel Morales - Gitarre

Aaron Phelps - Bass
Les Thomason - Schlagzeug





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