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OBM: Salut mes amis; Can you describe your band in a few sentences, please?

Our former singer, during the first two years of END. (2001-2002), had a “power-metal” style (Machine Head /Skinlab type). However, he was not that committed, so we had to ask him to leave. Only a few concerts and a “home demo” were done with him. When Mathieu came along, beginning of 2003, and with his different voice-style, we have toughened the tone and darkened END’s mood along with it. Five months only after he joined us, we got back to playing live again with our new rep. Besides, the bass player Mika has replaced Mo who has put an end to his musical activities because of serious audition problems.


OBM: How will you describe your sound?

We develop a very dark, oppressive metal, which is due to the use of various elements. Low tuning Frequent use of the “diabolus in musica“, which is a style of inverted broken cord The polyri thmia also adds an obvious power to it. The style we practice requires an awful amount of work. END. Goes through weeks and months of research from the process of creation to the setting and practice of it.


OBM: How did you come together and who got the idea to establish "End."?

Ha Ha HA, now you’re going to laugh! I was looking for a drummer and one day I came across that guy. I thought “good looks/ good face “! I ventured to ask him if he was, by any chance, musician. He actually said “yes, I am a drummer”! That’s how it went. He became our drummer on the spot! I asked Mathieu to leave his local band and since our music was exactly the type he was looking for at the time, he didn’t think twice and came with us. MO, the bass player answered an ad. And Mika, his double, is a friend who helped us on a few concerts following Mo’s ear troubles and then... sweet as he is, he stayed with us. At last, Yann and I have known each other since age 18. We are best friends and grew up together as musicians and human beings. We have started END. After having spent long and fruitless years searching musicians.


OBM: What does the name "End." is there a special meaning behind?

No, there is no specific signification for that name… even though we have fun trying to look for one... But, ultimately, END. Without its article “the” signifies an accomplishment. Which goes against the signification of “the end” which implies nothing new? We like the double meaning and especially that it sounds great to us. As far as the period in “END.”, it is a matter of visual effect and style. Still, the damn period is often taken away on the flyers and by the press! Our life struggle!


OBM: Was it a hard way for you all to record the EP “The never Ending Whirl of Confusion” and how long did worked on it?

Not at all, sorry ;). We had worked very hard at the rehearsal studio to be ready for the recording. We did the whole thing in 4 days. It took us1 day and a half to record the drums, half a day for the guitars and another half for the bass, and one day for the voice. Intense and intensive! It took one year exactly from the moment Mathieu joined the band to the studio recording.


OBM: What do you want to express with your songs?

Our objective is to be as massive as possible and to compose rich, deep and varied songs. The lyrics deal with ecology, media, and the complexity of human relationships.


OBM: What did you feel, when you heard that your track "Beyond the Senses" was featured on a sampler Cd of a magazine as demo of the month?

It gave us a great Smile! For real, we were so happy to be noticed by the national press. For us, it means that we give quality which, for a small group as END., is only positive from a promotional point of view. Since then, we also were named “album of the week” by a national radio and “disc of the year” by a national webzine - which is amazing considering our tiny four-tracks-only!


OBM: That give you more self-confidence, isn´t it?

Sure! In any artistic field, doubt eats your mind every single day. But it also helps you go forth. To be on that sampler boosted up our confidence and confirmed we were on the right track.


OBM: So, you write on your first album, when will it be finish?

We are recording our first album this coming august with Mobo, who was there for the EP. The recording of the album is going to be a little more delicate though because the compositions are more technical. Sweet sweat ahead!


OBM: Do you search for an record label?

At the moment, we are working on the pre-prod. We want to save us time and have the album out a.s.a.p. Besides France, we are aiming at the north and western European countries which are very receptive to our sound.


OBM: How was the tour with "H-Tray"?

The tour was a bit short but great ;). We were supposed to leave for ten days and ended up with three dates... Going through a concert venue that was closing, a drowning association and another one which cancelled the concert for lack of pre-sells, and so on... it looked a bit like a failure... However it enabled us to meet H-Tray and we got the most of it. I guess it was more frustrating for them because they were doing the promotion of their album. I hope we’ll get a real nice little tour soon though.


OBM: Do you have any plans for a European tour this year?

We are playing in Switzerland in October with, among others, The Ocean, in a festival. This will be our first concert abroad. Nothing else for we are in auto-prod and the EP is a bit short to be able to play far away. JERKOV, our booking agency is supposed to work on it once the album is out. In any case, END.’s stage power does not leave people indifferent and if we are given the chance to play abroad, I’m sure we’ll give them something to remember.


OBM: Which band would you like to share the stage with?

MACHINE HEAD! We’re fans of the band! METALLICA for the dream… More realistic is GOJIRA with whom we have played already. We would love to tour with them. They are very powerful. Then, Neurosis, Sepultura with Max, Benea Reach (Norway).


OBM: Which bands can you recommend us?

As for the bands from Toulouse : DISPHORIA, SED NON SATIATA, PSYKUP, and JENX, HACRIDE, SLEEPPERS, ANANTA for the rest of the country.


OBM: What are your goals this year?

Release the “metal album of the year “in France ! We are working on it! May this album lead us to international scenes?


OBM: Alors, now some final words to our readers and your supporters!

An immense and respectful Thank you to you and the readers and music “consumers” because they’re the ones who make bands live. Without them, we are nothing.


Eryn Non Dae. - Hydra Lernaia


Eryn Non Dae.-The never ending whirl of confusion


Line Up:
Mathieu B. Nogues - Gesang

Yann Servanin - Gitarre

Franck Quintin - Gitarre

Mickael André - Bass

Julien Rufié - Schlagzeug



End. - the never ending whirl of confusion



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