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OBM:Tell us something about your discographie, how many albums had you realased, up to now?
Paura has released 4 cds and we´re working on our 5th, that we consider as the ultimate one.
The first release is from 1996, the second called Reflex of Difference is from 1998, the EP The Myth Is Dead is our 3th and it´s from 2002. In 2004 we released our first full-length, our 4th cd, called youkillusweovercome.


OBM:Is myspace for bands like you a big help, what do you think about this?
For us that live in a 3rd world country, this kind of interaction is really important, even vital, to spread the music and ideas that we make in our suburb garages. You know, 18 years ago we used to trade info by post mail, letters… I see My Space like a digital version of it.

OBM:What inspires you when you're writing your songs?
The world we live in.

OBM:What means your band name "Paura"?
It means terror in Italian language. But the word has been incorporated for Portuguese language in the last years. We all have Italian descendence.

OBM:What was the best concert expierence that you ever had?
I can speak about it since 2001, that´s when I joined the band and I surely can say that the best gig was in Santiago/Chile in 2006.


OBM:Can you tell us something other good Braziilian hardcore bands?
The scene here is getting bigger and stronger and, consequently, we have a lot of good bands such as Questions, Children of Gaia, Deeper Than That, Endrah, Confronto, Ataque Periférico, Fim do Silêncio, I Shot Cyrus, Jeffrey Dahmer, Are You God?, Life Is A Lie, last, there are too many to name them here.....what´s a good sign.....hehehe

OBM:How huge is the hardcore scene in Brazilian?
It´s the biggest scene of South America besides Chile but still growing up. Comparing to European and American scenes, Brazilian scene is a 15 years old boy considering Europe and USA as 35 years old men...hehehe

OBM:This year you make an european tour! Is this your first european tour?
Unfortunetly, we couldn´t arrange it for 2007 so our 1st European Tour will happen only in 2008 but we´re starting to work on it as soon as we finish the recordings of the new album. And we´re willing to do it.

OBM:What about 2007? What are your plans?
Release the new album called “Reverse The Flow” and hit the road to play in most of the places we can....many cities in Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador will probably be the places we´ll visit.

OBM:At last, have you something to say to our readers?

Thanks very much for the attention and we hope to meet all of you next year up there.
Keep the good work of standing true in hardcore scene with Own Blood Team.
For further info, check out and .
Thanx again and keep the flame burning.

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