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OBM: Hey guys, could you introduce yourselves to the Own Blood readers?

The band was formed from the breakdown of three other bands originally. Carps was jamming with Aarons old band so they kinda formed a bond right there. To cut a long story short, the band split up but Aaron and carps wanted to keep working together. Aaron knew me a little so he gave me a call and asked me to jam so I did! I knew Andrew so I brought him along to play bass and T.A.W was born. We had James (Aarons brother) playing for the band on 2nd guitar for over a year but we parted ways with him recently and we've brought this new guy Chris in and he's exactly what we were looking for.

OBM: When did you start with "The Autonomy Within“? How long do you make music together?

It started about November 2005 so we've been playing hard twice a week at least and gigging as often as possible wherever we can!

OBM: How would you describe your own sound?

Progressive, melodic and fucking heavy.

OBM: What are your songs about, what will you express with?

Basically the tracks cover everyday life, heartache, death, society and real experiences making them true, passionate and powerful.

OBM: Where do you draw inspiration from for your lyrics, some of them are quite aggressive..

Some songs are definitely easier to write than others. Our inspiration comes from everyday

experiences, personal views, political ideas and basically anything that we feel strongly about.

OBM: What are so special in your sound? What is especially on your band between other British metal bands?

Well we do a lot of melody where as a lot of other British bands seem to be doing that whole grindcore thing at the moment which is turning a bit sour!

OBM: You searching for a label, how the things going?

Things are going good but we're kind of just waiting on the right sort of deal at the right

 time. We’ve yet to find a deal where we've all been blown away by it. nobody seems to be in it for the music much anymore on the label front, it’s all about image and these day's people are less willing to take a chance.

OBM: Could you tell us a bit about your local scene now. Is there a big British metal scene?

The underground scene is ace like. There are so many good metal bands in Britain and especially south Wales. I think you'll see a lot more exploding out of the British Isles soon!

OBM: What want you to express with your album title "The Fine Line Between

Escapism and Losing Yourself"?

It’s just an idea I had based on the feeling that you never really have control over your own life because you can never truly be free or that's how i see it

OBM: Is The Fine Line between Escapism and Losing Yourself a demo cd or is it

an full length album?

Currently not sure, but we hope to release it very soon. It’s either going to end up a mini-album or it might turn into a full length we'll wait and see!

OBM: Did you produced the cd by yourself?

The cd was produced by ourselves, Martyn Ford and Jeff Rose (ex-Skindred)

OBM: How long did you work on the record?

So far we've put in quite a lot of time on it mainly because we wanted to get it right!

OBM: Is something there that our readers should know about your album?

If you like heavy passionate music then it’s definitely worth a buy! When we eventually get it sorted.

OBM: How many gigs you have played up to now?

Loads and loads, i don't think we have enough hands between us to count them. It is something we feel very strongly for is putting on a good live performance so if you’re reading this and were playing nearby then you should definitely check us out!

OBM: Have you played any concerts in Germany?

Not as yet but hopefully we'll get some backing and set some dates up over there very soon!

OBM: What are your plans and aims for this year?

Just keep on growing as a band, I mean, we grow tighter all the time both personally and musically so yeah that would be awesome!

OBM: Thanks for your time. Do you have any message for your fans, supporters and friends?

Keep it metal and hopefully we'll see all you guys soon!


The Autonomy - Within There Will Be EP


Line Up:

Aaron Roberts - Gesan
Luke Padfield - Gitarre

Joe Orefice - Gitarre
Popey - Bass
Jake Thomas - Schlagzeug




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