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OBM:At first, how are things at the moment by you guys?

Shota:At the moment, I'm listening to music that made Hatebreed !

OBM:Can you  tell us a litte bit about your band history?

Shota:Yeah! We went to the same junior high school and high school.Actually, Motoi and I went to the same elementary school.I mean, we are childhood friend.And…I bought a guitar when I was junior high school student.In the same time, Motoi got a guitar from his father.Therefore, Motoi and I practiced the music of Marilyn Manson and Bon Jovi at his room, when we were 14 years old. And we went on to the high school and Koichi composed a band with me. But Motoi never composed a band with me, because he was composing the other band! When we went on to the university, we became asunder.However, Koichi and I composed a band using the long-range vacation.I made some songs in my room with Koichi. For example, “The Wall ”, “Darkened World”.That is the origin of Without A Name.Then, last year, Koichi and I created "Without A Name"(1st EP) in the summer. In the same time, Motoi was absent from the university. And he was composing a band in Osaka. However, the band dissolved. I didn't lose the chance ! Last year, we gathered to go to the Metal festival (Loud Park) which was held in Chiba in the autumn.I let Motoi hear my Cd and I invite him to play in our band.

OBM:In which year, do you started with your band?

Shota:I think summer 2006 !

OBM:What are your music influences and how do you use it for you own music?

Shota:I am influenced in Creed, Killswitch Engage, The Haunted, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed and so on !

Koichi:It is Soilwork that gave me the biggest influence.In addition, I always shocked by the young artists.For example, Fear My Thoughts, Raunchy and Mnemic.I cited only a European artist, but an American artist is good, too.

Shota:Motoi is influenced in Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Mors Principium Est, Meshuggah and of course we like Slayer, too.And I like 3 doors down, Chevell, Cradle Of Filth and Dew Scented, too. Anyway, all the members has a lot of Cd's of the various bands and we check them out together.And we like them all. We are listening a lot of Cd's that made by a lot of artist. For example,Koichi likes the metal band in North Europe mainly but he likes Taproot, As I Lay Dying, Unearth, KSE, too. Motoi likes Fear Factory, All That Remains, Korn, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi(J-Rock), too. You may not be believed but we like Pop-song too. For example,Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Faith Hill.Sometimes, there is a person to hear only metal but I can not approve of them.

Koichi:We love aggressive music! haha,

Shota:We are learning from a lot of bands not only Metal bands, also American Rock!

OBM:Is "Everytime i Die" your first Cd?

Koichi:I think so? Shota?

Shota:We can say "Yes" , but we cannot say "Yes"because, I and Koichi made 1st EP last summer.It's call "Without A Name" but Motoi didn't join that EP. So, I think "Everytime I Die" is our first Cd.

Koichi:I'am the same opinion!

OBM:Did you produced the Cd's by yourselfe?

Shota:Yes, all songs recorded by ourself. So "Everytime I Die" is "D.I.Y" Cd .

Koichi:The quality is not so good!

Koichi:Because we don't have enough money!

Shota:We play guitar in my room,recording in my room and mix it there, you know !

OBM:How was the feedback about your Cd "Everytime I Die?

Shota:I think it's not bad. Some people bought our Cd on myspace and I heard some good word about our new songs !

OBM:Who is responsible for your songwriting or do you write all your songs together?

Shota:Most the songs (riffs) are written by me without “Fall Into The Dark”. I wrote that song with Motoi. All guitar solos are written by Motoi. I love his solos ! The Lyrics are written by Koichi and he wrote the melody vocal parts, too. He makes the drum parts with  a “Drum machine”,too. Well,

I said “melody of vocal part”, but our songs doesn’t have a melody chorus part !

We know that we cannot opposition to other band’s chorus. So we don’t sing mellow chorus and we don’t need that. I think his posture for screaming approaches Death Metal. But I think Koichi’s scream is very mellow !

OBM:From where do you take the inspiration for your songs?

Koichi:I'm free.

Shota:I think the Stress? METAL music save me from stress!

OBM:I mean, if you write over personality things?


Koichi:It often happens that I think about social criticism.

OBM:So are your songs about this topics, social criticism or what are your songs about?

Shota:I think a lot of people who listen metal music, they have some problems. For example, 

sometimes, people who don't like Metal , think we are crazy,but I think we are not crazy, we just screem to world , to society ! So we have to became "one" ! We are family,right ! We have to unite to change the world ! I hope our songs help people who have some problems with life, friends, school and so on, like Killswich Engage helped me. Next is our time! We have to give some "Hope" to people like us !

OBM:Is it hard to be accept in the metal- and hardcore in Japan?

Koichi:It is difficult !

Shota:I think most Japanese people hate Metal! They like pop songs. I hate J-POP, it's to cheep to listen !

Koichi:Metal is many misunderstanding in Japan !

Shota:Some persons like Metal/Hardcore ! But they don't like Japanese metal bands.

Koichi:There are many people who scarcely know metal.

OBM:So the metal scene is smaller than the hardcore scene?

Shota:I cannot assert, but I think so. Japanese like Pop-Punk. For example, Green day, Sum 41,etc.

OBM:So can you tell us some other good Japanese metal or hardcore bands?

Koichi:As for Japanese metal is a visual is important. For example:

Shota:Dir en grey?

Koichi:X-JAPAN, Dir en grey and so on!

Shota:I don't like their music. A lot of people who listen metal , they hate that bands:

in Japan !

Koichi:Even if Japanese people like Japanese Metal, they dislike Europe and American Metal.

Shota:We don't think they are the Metal band. Only a visualkei band. It's like L.A metal band, people who like their music only look their visual, but I like Motory Crue !

Koichi:There are many such cases.There is not much personality in a Japanese visual band !

OBM:So the visualkei bands are more than metal bands and more popular in Japan?

Koichi:That's right !

Shota:That's too bad ! 

OBM:So it is considerable hard for other metal bands to become more know?

Shota:Yes, like us! hahaha. But I don't want to be visualkei.

Koichi:Therefore a strange opposition happens by a Japanese metal festival.

OBM:What have you planned in the next time and what want you to reach with your band?

Shota:I'll send our demo to some Record labels. For example, Nuclear Blast, Spine farm and Listenable Records and this summer,we will recording some new songs in my room again ! We want to make a full album !

Koichi:Even a Japan wants to let true metal be popular.

Shota:I want to play some shows in Germany !

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers and your fans?

Shota:I just want to say people who live in germany, please check us out. And if you like our sound, please get our Cd you can buy it on our homepage! First of all, you can visit our homepage .Someday, we will visit your country and play some shows! Thanks for your support. Stay Metal !


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