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OBM: At first, how are things at the moment by you guys?
Musically, things are goin' well, we are on the way to record our first full lenght Cd and some surpises around it, we're preparing also a big tour for the occasion

OBM: Many people who are reading this may not know much about you, can you give us a short lesson about the bands background?
So Onesta is born in 2005 in Paris/France, thanx to the love we have for the new york hardcore scene and the will to propose something different that beatdown metalcore to the public, the will to bring back something authentic on stage.


OBM: You wrote in your biographie that you are influenced by the New-York Hardcore and Hip Hop scene! Which bands are the most influences, in your sound?
Madball for sure (some people are calling us the french madball, it's a honour), Biohazard, agnostic front, Etown concrete, old Nas, house of pain, also the first hatebreed album, are some of those.

OBM: Which meaning have your band name "Onesta"?

Onesta means Honesty in italian, we choose an italian name because of the latino origins of the members (spanish and italian).

OBM: From where do you take all the inspiration for your songs?
From the daily life and the international situation of humankind.

OBM: What are your songs about, do you write about personal things?
The songs are dealing with classical subjects, friendship, family, behaviour, love, and also the political situations !

OBM: How did the songs grow, how do you work on new songs?
First we find some riffs which can be played together, then we think about the lyrics and we're buildin' the song in consequence.

OBM: How many Cds have you recorded up to now and can you tell us a little bit about them?
The first cd was an Ep with 7 songs, it was the first real recording for this project, classical nyhc not so bad but the quality of the sound is really insufficient .Then we have recorded a single cd (2 songs) more agressive with a better sound. The aim is that the first album must have an international impact, that it is musically and around the recording quality

OBM: What was your best concert experience which your worst?
By now i think the best experience was the show we played with no turning back in paris because we enjoy their music and they also enjoyed ours, a really good feeling with these guyz!

The worst was the same show because we had 2 cut of electricity :)

OBM: How is the feedback on shows from you?
It depends on the public, generally the old school and nyhc fans are enjoying our shows and music, and i think we are not enough metallic and slow for the beatdown metalcore fans

OBM: You already shared the stage with a lot of good bands like (Hoods, No Turning Back, Out To Win etc.) Is there any other band you would like to share the stage with?

If we could choose just one them it will be MADBALL for sure !

OBM: A lot of bands pay more attention to her image than her music. How is your opinion ?
I think the music and lyrics are largely more important to keep some authenticity in this shit, but when you want to play in bigger places, with bigger bands and share with more people your message, you have to work on your image.

OBM: How is the hardcore scene in Paris, is it big? Please tell us something about it !
There a lot of metalcore bands, some beatdown too, few in an old school style, it's ok we have good shows, good bands, but too much jealousy to make of Paris an important hardcore pole

OBM: Do you still work beside your band?
Sure we are all working aside, we know that as an european hardcore band, there are very few chances to live one day exclusively of the music

OBM: What are you plans for the future?

We have planed to record the most groovy hc cd France has ever made and to kick some asses during the shows

OBM: At last, thank you very much for your time, do you have some last words to our readers and your fans?

Not especially, keep in touch for the upcoming shows and songs, and thanx to you guyz for your interest, all the best for OBM

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