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OBM: How is the music from "In Other Climes", how does it sound?
Steve: The music especially sounds like a mix of European and American metal hardcore with aggressive guitars, violent mosh parts, crazy drum patterns and strong lyrics delivring a message of hope and strenght

OBM: What kind of music Style is more present in "In Other Climes" music. Hardcore or Metal ?

Lionel: We are definately Metal

OBM: How long did you work on the EP?

Julien: We didn’t have a lot of time to work on the E.P because we hit the studio soon after signing with customcore. It was very good for us because we worked fast and it gave an intense side to all the songs

OBM: How is the feedback about the EP?
Steve: The feedback is good but we try to do our best to prepare the new album.
Lionel: We want to do a good album with the sensibility and influences of each member.

OBM: Which feeling was it for you, to record your first EP?

Julien: It was a great experience for us. We had the chance to meet great people like the sound engineer, C. Carvin and the designer of the cover Cata that we thank for all they done

OBM: Where do you have recorded the EP and who had mixed it?

JC: We recorded and mixed our E.P at the “all production studio”, based in South of France, by C. Carvin who also did None shall be saved, Fat Sciety and Disturb...

OBM: In june 2006, you had a line-up change, have thereby something changed in your sound?

Steve: The arrival of Lionel bring us a lot of kick ass new drum parts, and some different influences.

OBM: What are your music influence and how do you use it for you own music?
Julien: We try to mix our influences at best to improve our music. We listen to metal , hardcore and death. The musical variety is important to do a personal sound.

OBM: How do you work on songs and on the songwriting?
Julien: In general we compose the music during the rehearsal with all the members, after we think about the vocals parts that must be in harmony with the meaning.

OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs?
JC: Concerning the lyrics it’s my personal readings that lead me to write these songs, poetry, philosophy
Steve: Concerning the music it’s all the music we’ve listened to from the beginning, gigs we play and see. Our music is a live act so, the reaction of the audience is very important for us.

OBM: Whats your opinion to the straight edge scene?
Steve: We respect this scene.
JC: Hardcore is not only music it’s also a state of mind and choice of life.

OBM: Do you work beside projekt or have you other band projekts beside your band?

Steve: We try to concentrate all our strengths on “In Other Climes”.

OBM: What are your plans for this year?
Lionel: We plan a tour in Belgium and Germany in October

OBM: Thanks for your time, anything else to say?
Julien: Thanx for the support ! We hope to see you in october! Thank you for having taken the time to learn a little bit about us.

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