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OBM: At first, how are things at the moment by you guys?
Things are going very well. We have a strong sense of Rejuvanation, things have been on the up and up for us. The 'dead weight' we had, has been cut, and our skills have improved dramatically.

OBM: Many people who are reading this may not know much about you, can you give us a short lesson on the bands background?

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OBM: Did you know each other befor you start with the band?
All of us have been together for a while now. Weather it has been in Saint Diablo or other bands from around the area. Nobody has came from 'out of the blue'. We have had a strong family oriented environment that has always been apart of our musical formula. All of the different backgrounds and cultures have all come together to form what we are today.

OBM: Is “Republica” your first full length album or how many cds do you have record up to now?

No absolutely not, we’ve been making ‘underground full length albums’ for years now, we have sold thousands of albums weather it be at our shows, in stores or even just out of the trunk of our cars. Various styles ranging from reggaeton to hardcore. Even recording the songs in English and Spanish.


OBM: Where have you record and who have mixed the album “Republica”?
Some of our first few songs were done at Glass hand studios by Mark Miley in Richmond VA, the remainder of the album was recorded by Mike Shiply and Jeremy Smith, and then was mastered by Cory Smoot of GWAR. Flatamus maximus

OBM: How long have you worked on the album?
each album ranges from a year to a year in a half. We have to take the extra time because we need to continue to play shows so we can fund our album costs. But getting a chance to play them out on the road kind of gives it a ‘try before you buy’ approach so we can see the reaction the new songs get.

OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs?
Things that last forever. Love hate greed drugs sex addictions, politics of the heart.

OBM: What are your songs about, what will you express with them?

live life to the fullest, to take chances, again, love hate greed. Learn to think for yourself.

OBM: You write me in your biographie that you influenced by hard rock groove and latin,how do you put these effects in your sound?

We combined traditional hard core properties of rock and roll and apply latin percussions, to create a world music feel that is then laced with bi-lingual vocals in at least 4 or 5 different vocal stylings

OBM: When you were recording were there any bands you were listening to for inspiration?
soulfly, cypress hill, scrape, everlast, house of pain, deftones, white zombie

OBM: How you come on your band name “Saint Diablo”,what the idea behind the name?

it means the middle ground of heaven and hell, its opposing forces trying to co-exsist together

OBM: How many shows do you have play up to now,what do you like mostly to be on tour? 7 years touring times with at least 120 plus shows a year equals…… but 2007 is by all means our busiest year we have had. As well as the most amount of road miles traveling up and down the East Coast (of USA) and out to the mid-west US. Even having some show dates in Canada.
B) We love being on tour to share our lifes work with new people, and to see how everyone ‘reacts’ to our lifes work. Rolling into a city far from home and seeing a huge welcoming and outpour of support for us. People who have our name and logo tattooed onto their bodies, and just the feeling of knowing that they will be back the next time we are in their town.

OBM: You already shared the stage with a lot of bands like God Forbid, Hatebreed, Drowning Pool (both singers), Atreyu etc. .Is there any other band you would like to share the stage with?
We would love to get a chance to play with Soulfly, Deftones, Cypress Hill. As well as several different reggaetone artist from Puerto Rico.

OBM: Which was the best concert which you have played up to now?
We’re blessed to have so many awesome shows, its hard to choose one, we have had awesome shows in many places. Fort Lauderdale Florida with Powerman 5000, Myrtle Beach South Carolina with Slayer and Hatebreed. Even some of our hometown shows, one in particular where we played at a racetrack in Richmond, infront of a crowd of 10,000 people.

OBM: A lot of bands pay more attention to there image than to there music. How is your opinion about it?

It’s a necessary evil in the short attention span of today’s technology driven world we live in. If used properly, it could help convey your message whatever it may be more efficiently. The problem is when you have no message and hide behind an image and that’s all your going by.

OBM: Are you working beside your band?
To meet our long tour demands some of us cant ‘work’. Others have jobs that have been flexible with our tour schedules. We have members that are Electricians, chefs, bartenders and paramedics

OBM: At last,have you something to say to our readers?
This is our life’s work, its such an honor to still be able to do it, and for us to sit back and just the privilege of having to do an interview for Germany for example. Knowing that our music is in CD players around the globe is just such an awesome feeling. It’s an accomplishment

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