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OBM: Give us a short introduce of your band "Front Line"!

FrontLine! Is a 6-headed Hardcore band representing their values and pride. We put everything we've got in every song we write and record so we can blow you away on a live show. Still young and full of passion we're here to stay and to have a good time.

OBM: Where do you come from and how did you come together?

Every member from FrontLine! Lives in Dendermonde, or as we say it, DMD City. The band started with 3 members (Niels, Lieven, Bruno) who were longtime friends. When they were looking for a new lead singer they met Kjell in a bar. Because FrontLine! Wanted 2 guitarists, Tim joined the band. A couple of months later a friend of us (Nick) left his band, and joined our league to help Kjell with the lyrics.

OBM: Why you have chosen the name "Front Line"? Does it have a special meaning for you?

The only thing we want to tell with our name is that we're dead first to give the people the time of their lives on a show. The name was a sudden idea, and we've decided to stick with that.

OBM: At march 2007, you have released your first Demo "DMD Hardcore“. With damn good songs like "Out of my reach" or "Lies and promises"! How was it for you when you’re first Demo was finally available?

We were very, and I mean VERY, relieved! We've worked our asses off for this demo because we've done everything ourselves on this demo. The design, the producing, and the printing... Everything was done by the 6 members of Frontline! Only 2 days before the 'official' release of the demo we we're completely ready to sell it to the audience, so it was a close call!! It's been 2 months since the release and we've heard a lot of good comments about it. Off course this makes us very happy and satisfied.

OBM: How long did you work on the demo CD?

We've worked for more than 4 months to create this demo!

The recording only took 10 hours, but the final mixing took another month. The mixing was done by Jeroen Marien and we're very happy of the result he gave us. The designing of the entire Demo was done by our guitarist, Tim. A good friend of us, Duo, drew the image for the cover.

OBM: What are your songs especially about?

I think the main reason why people like our songs is because we put all our hearts into it. We create every song very carefully and we work until the slightest detail is perfect! When we're on a show performing our songs we always put every last bit of strength we've got into it. I think this is why people like our shows. Also, our songs are from and about our friends. In this way that we create the songs for our friends so they can enjoy themselves time after time!

OBM: What are your musical influences in your opinion? Because for me, for example, it sounds a little bit like "Born From Pain" or "Walls of Jericho"!

We've got a lot of influences. Those 2 names are just a couple of hundreds of bands that we like and listen to. But I think the biggest influence we've ever had from a band was Die... My Demon. This was also a band from DMD City and I think it's because of those guys we've all started listening to hardcore. Sadly the band decided to quit in March 2006. But still this band is in our hearts and minds. Off course we're influenced about certain bands and styles but eventually we just want to be known as Frontline! And we want people to know us from our typical sound and style.

OBM: Are you searching for a record label or do have one in prospect?

We're still searching for a record label. We're only performing since August 2006 so the labels don't really know us at the moment... That is, they don't know u jet!

If we would get on a label it would be a dream come true for us. Because the only thing we really want to do is perform on stage and let people enjoy our music!

OBM: Can you tell us about the hardcore and metal scene in Belgium?

The hardcore scene in Belgium is a lot bigger than some people would think! Especially in the regions of Ypres and Bruges. Over there you've got the famous 'H8000' scene with bands like The Boss, Morda, and Whatever It Takes and so on! But everywhere in Belgium there are people who listen to hardcore, who go to shows...

OBM: What about touring, do you have any dates to tour this year?

Currently we're not on any tours this year. We've got a lot of shows in sight and everywhere we can play, we will play! Maybe if we're lucky we'll get a mini-tour this summer, or at the end of this year but every invitation for a tour will be accepted with pleasure.

OBM: What are your plans for the future?

Off course this is a cliché answer nut we'll try to play as much shows as possible, to create another load of killer songs and to make the audience go crazy! At the end of this year there will be new merchandise and maybe there will be a MCD! Time will tell, it's all up to the fans!

OBM: Any last words?

We just want to thank everybody who is supporting us at this moment. All our good friends who come to our shows and destroy the place, time after time! You know who you are guys, thanks for everything! To the readers I'd like to say thanks for reading the interview and hopefully you'll check us out on our MySpace or on a live show!

Greetings out of DMD City, Belgium




Frontline-DMD Hardcore, Demo


Line Up:
Kjell Laurens - Gesang

Nick De Keyser - Gesang

Tim Van Wesemael - Gitarre

Bruno - Broothaerts - Gitarre

Niels Alens - Bass

Lieven Renneboog - Schlagzeug





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