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At first, please describe your band in a few sentences!
We are four friends (used to be five) from the sorroundings of Bilbao, in the Basque Country. We started making some noise in 1997/1998 and made our first concert in 2000. At that time, we made some kind of hardcore-new-metal. We recorded our first CD ("Neila", In My Heart Empire) in 2001. Then the singer left the band and the four of us decided to go on with it, with a slower and more intense metal sound. In 2005 we recorded our second CD ("Unclean", In My Heart Empire / La Humanidad es la Plaga), and since then we have been playing all around Spain till now.

OBM: What is the meaning of your band name "Neila" and who had the idea?
It has no precise meaning, just a name. Some days before our first concert one of us came with that word, which also stands for "Alien" if you read it back to front, and we liked it.

OBM: What did you feel when you had recorded your first CD and was it a hard way?

It is great to have your music recorded on a CD and to allow many other people to listen to what you are doing. Furthermore, we already knew some people (Alberto from InMyHeartEmpire, thanx!) who wanted to help us with the copies of the CDs and the distribution. From that point of view, it was not such a hard way.

OBM: Your second album "Unclean" was recorded 2005. Do you have plans for a next album?

Well, at this moment we have some 7 or 8 new songs that we would like to record, but we still do not know how these songs will be distributed. Maybe a new long CD, we have also the opportunity to make a LP or a 7" vinyl album with three of four songs, then another four in a split CD with other band... Anyway we should be having something new on CD or vinyl by the end of this year.

OBM: Can you tell our readers what´s all your Spanish and Basque songs about?

It’s difficult to say. Our lyrics has no explicit meanings. They are all about feelings we all have: frustration, sadness,… but also about hope.

OBM: Why do you have decide to sing in English and Spanish and not like other bands only in English?
You may think it’s weird, but it’s easier to sing in English for us. Almost all the bands we listen to sing in English so we are used to certain kind of sonority. On the other hand, we want people in Spain to understand our lyrics and we like to use our own language, so we will keep using both languages.

OBM: What will you express with your songs?

I really don’t know how to express it with words. You would have to listen to our music.

OBM: Do have a record label in prospect?
If you mean if there is any plan to sign any contract or similar with a record label, the answer is no. We feel comfortable making things with people like Alberto or Txusan (La Humanidad es la Plaga), as we have done so far.

OBM: Can you describe our readers the Spanish metal- and hardcore scene!

Well, from our point of view here in the Basque Country, the scene is not in its best, though you can find two or three concerts in Bilbao and sorroundings every weekend, getting some 40 or 50 people. And from the rest of Spain, we find that there some good bands coming specially from Galicia, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, whice seem to be the best places for this kind of music.

OBM: Are there any other good metal or hardcore bands in Spain?
Just some good bands: Fallen, Cordura, Destierro, Moho, The Eyes, Anne O, Loan...

OBM: Do you have plans for an Europeantour?

We have been talking several times of trying to do so, but it takes a long time to perform a real good tour. Maybe some dates in France or Germany in a short tour would be a more realistic situation, but there is nothing foreseen in the short term.

OBM: Are there a special band you would like to share the stage?
It is always great pleasure to play with friend bands like Fallen, Cordura and Destierro. Apart from that everyone of us would say a different band, not so easy to answer. Maybe Isis, Cult of Luna, High on Fire...

OBM: Do you have any plans for this year?

Record some songs, make a new CD or vinyl, and keep on playing live concerts.

OBM: What do you do in your freetime?

Play with the band. Ok, it’s quite obvious so I will say: play basketball, football, play guitar hero in the playstation, smoke, drink beer, …

OBM: And in the end, have you some final words for our readers?

Thanks for the interview. The next time we will answer soon, I promise. Hope to see you someday.


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