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OBM: At first can you describe your band in a few sentences!

Hey, were just trying to have fun at the moment, finding our own sound and writing some new material. We feel were well on our way to the sound we want.


OBM: How would you describe your sound for our readers?

Not just riffs and beatdowns


OBM: Did you know each other before you start with your band?

Some of us did, were basically two bands reformed into one, rights from the word go we felt we worked well with each other.


OBM: Who got the idea to establish the band?

Jesus, none of us can remember...too many drunken nights i think.


OBM: What does the name “Calicade” mean?

A 27 stone fat man!


OBM: Your debut EP “A bullet short of a killing spree” will be available soon! So, where did you record it and when will it be available?

We recorded it with our good mate Jay(drummer from Pendleton), he had a sweet little set-up going. The E.P should be available to buy within a month or two.


OBM: What are your songs about?

Each song has its own meaning, we usually just write songs about everyday life and how it is growing up in Manchester, but also about things going on in the world, eg "Gallows thief" the first track on our record is about that whole Iraq shambles, were not political but I guess we like to have our say.


OBM: What will you express with your songs?

Energy really, we express ourselves really and where were from. We don’t like getting preachy and up our own arsis, so in our attitude we just try and express the importance to have a good time.


OBM: Where do you get ideas for your songs?

We look around us, what isn't there to write about these days, all we need is a concept and then we mould it to our styles and opinions, but sometimes we just like shouting about how much we want to go to the pub.


OBM: Who is responsible for your songwriting?



OBM: Are you searching for a record label or do you have one in prospect?

Were currently in talks with Manchester records but we feel its early days yet, were more concerned about growing as a band at the moment.


OBM: Is it easy to get gigs in the U.K.?

Sometimes its touch and go, we've got a good few months ahead of us though, there are a few scenes that seem to be thriving at the moment and there are so many venues, it’s all about finding the right gigs.


OBM: This month you have three gigs. How do you prepare you before you go on stage?

Get pissed and hope were tight enough, we have a chill with some of the fans beforehand usually.


OBM: So, you shared the stage with bands like “Siren Lake”, “For Love And Hate”, “The Archetype Falls”… Which band would you like to share, too?

Girls aloud. I don’t know if they’re big in Germany but they're damn fine to look at.


OBM: Are you working beside your band or is “Calicade” your one and only project?

Calicade pretty much covers it.


OBM: What are the plans for the future?

We’re hoping to be having as much fun as were having now, were hoping to progress musically because we don’t want to be one of those bands that release the same record twice.


OBM: Thank you for the time and now some last words for our readers and your fans!

"A bullet short of a killing spree" should be available for purchase from most good shops around Manchester or from out MySpace. we hope you guys like us and there will be more to come very soon. Hope to see everyone in the future. xx If this is ok then great, but if there are any problems with it just let us know, If no-one has sent you any pictures then I will get onto that as soon as. Cheers very much for this and get back to us soon.


Calicade-A bullet short of a killing spree

Line Up:
Stephen Briggs
Andrew Bevan
Colin Manley
Jason Gough




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