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OBM: Do you know each other before you start with the band?

Yes, we knew each other since nearly 10 years and the band exists 3 years, we played in a few bands together, before we started Guilty Of Reason!

OBM: Who came on the idea to start with the band?

It was my idea (tangs guitarist)

OBM: What are your musical influences, how do you put these into your sound?

We put things like punk, hardcore, metal, death and sometimes a little bit black metal parts together, we take it all in our hands, we shake, we shake and hop, we have a new song !

OBM: Your new album “When Reason Disperses the Darkness of Pride” is out now, how do you feel and how are the reactions on the new album?

We feel like if it's the end of something and the beginning of something, some songs are 3 years old in the album, others have just few months so we can say that it's like an end up and we are really proud of it. The reaction? Fuck, for the moment all are pretty good! As I told, we are really proud of our work, and hearing good reactions all around us give you the strength, no bad review, just happiness! ;)

OBM: That’s your first full length album, how was it for you to record it, was it hard?

It was different for each one in the band, but one thing is sure, it was hard, full of concentration and at the same time, we did our dream so it was a really great experience for all of us, ready to do it again!

OBM: What does the album title “When Reason Disperses The Darkness of Pride” mean, do you want to express something special with the title?

Yes! We didn't want a short title even if it's more simple to learn it, we want to express something other than just one idea, this title is a kind of reflection, it's a thinking and maybe everybody have to read it clearly and learn. It's not to give lessons, just have one reflection.

OBM: How long did you work on this record, on which part have you particularly worked for a long time?

In fact, we work on this record since our first rehearsal, recording it was one of the goal. No, we don't work particularly on something, we particularly worked on all.

OBM: How was the process for this album, do you go prepare in the studio or take you up your song ideas there spontaneously and improvise first times?

Yes, we prepared us for the studio nearly 2 month before recording. Every song was ready to be recording at this moment, except Between Heaven and Hell who was written in the studio.

OBM: Where do you find the inspiration when you write/make music?

In alcohol? No, inspiration is coming from what you have deeper inside and some everyday situations .

OBM: What must for you a song have to come on your new album?

Power, a vulgar display of power! We have to feel it, we have to be all "in" the song. If during the rehearsal we are jumping everywhere, head banging, sweat, and full of feeling, we live the song.

OBM: How important is the lyrical side of "Guilty of Reason" compared to the musical side?

It’s really important, even if lots of people don't take the time to read the lyrics, it's a part of the song, there have to be good in our opinion, if not, rewrite it!

OBM: On your new album it seems that you found your style?

Maybe we found that we have no style? I guess that it's difficult to us to give one name on our music, maybe on one song, but listen to the album and you will find lots of different styles, so it's ours ;)

OBM: Who has design your album cover?

It's a girl, you can contact her at

OBM: How will you promote your new record?

For the promotion of the album we are using, all the possible medias like radio, webzines, MySpace, all is good to promote your album, this is a tool that you have to use. And of course, the best promotion way: GIG !

OBM: What are so special in your sound, what is especially on your band between other French metal bands?

We are fresh, we sound fresh, our balls are full, we are not death metal band, not hardcore band or metalcore one, we are all this kind of in one band or we try to do it. This album is fucking violent and at the same time you can find some melodies that can touch you. The sound is really violent to, we really like it, it's not like every actually bands who have "big" sound, this one is nearly live, we wanna that if someone is listening this album it like a fist in face !

OBM: What are your plans and aims for this year?

After a calm period this first half of the year (even if we made a promotional tour with As We Fight), we will make around 20 gigs in France between September and December and we are preparing our 2nd European tour for November, something like 17days of touring, we can't wait to be on the road again !

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers?

Hi guys, first of all big thanks to everyone who make us play, to everyone who came to the gigs, bought our album or will! And thanks to you, Own Blood magazine!

Guilty Of Reason-Straight in my Hate


Guilty Of Reason-When Reason Disperses the


Guilty Of Reason-Demo


Line Up:

Olivier - Gesang
Tangs - Gitarre

Sam - Gitarre

Roadie - Bass

Xavier - Schlagzeug

Former/Past members:

Xavier - Gesang

Viktor - Gesang

Vlad - Schlagzeug





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