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OBM:At first describe your band in a few words!
Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Orc, Sith Lord, Jedi, Wizard.

OBM:What are you doing beside the band in private?

Well as of late i have a lack of employment so i go swimming alot and play hockey.

OBM:What would you say are your muisical influences or what bands do you most likely listen to in private?
We are more influenced by epic movies then music but lately Dimmu Borgir, Souls Of Mischief, Gym Class Hero's

OBM:Before you called yourself "Winds of Plague" you were called "Bleak December" Why did you change your name and what exactly does it mean to you?

We changed the name because another band had copywrited the name Bleak December, and we were in the process of signing with Life Sentence Records so we needed somethin quick, and i took the phrase Winds Of Plague from the Unearth song "Endless." damn fine tune.

OBM:As long as i Know there where no recordings made by Bleak December, are there songs you're playing which you already played that time?

We did a few demos as Bleak December, and no, all those songs are embarrassing.

OBM:And did you play concerts as Bleak December?
Yes we did, i was always one to dive right into things, so within a month of being a band we had recorded a demo and played a few shows.

OBM:How many albums did you already record till now?
We have only done "A Cold Day In Hell" and we are a few days shy of having a second baby.

OBM:How did you come to Century Media records after Life Sentence broke up?And did you work with other labels in between?
One day i just checked my email and i had an message from Steve Joh at Century Media saying they were interested in us, i thought it was fake so i had to call my friend that works at Century Media to verify. We talked to a few other labels but CM is who we felt shared our views the best.

OBM:Some people say the last album you recorded "A Cold Day in Hell" is more related to Hardcore than death or at least melodic death metal.What do you think about it and what are we allowed to expspect since you're in the studios at the moment again.

I wouldnt say its more of a hardcore album, there is one song on there that was written as a hardcore song but the rest of the album i think is melodic metal. The new album is alot more Symphonic death metal if you will. But there is no shortage of breakdowns and we did write another hardcore song for this album.

OBM:Who does the songwriting at all?

Nick Eash, Nick Piunno and the latest addition Matt Fineman write all the music and i write all the Vocal stuff.

OBM:How many songs did you actually record for the new album up to now?
The new album has 10 tracks, one of the tracks is a instrumental epic intro.

OBM:Where are you recording the songs and who does mix them?
This album we have tracked at "For The Record" in Orange, CA. Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying's house in San Diego, CA. and Nick Eash's House. Daniel Castleman has tracked and mixed everything. Oscar Cairoli from "A Love Ends Suicide" has tracked a little as well.

OBM:Do you already have a name for the new album that we are allowed to hear?

If I told ya id have to kill ya.

OBM:Are you already planing a few concerts/tours after you released your new album? And what bands would you like to play with?

We have a 2 month Unites States tour starting June 20th. We also have a month long Europe tour starting mid November.

OBM:Beside, did you ever play outside of america or do you plan concerts somwhere else?Maybe even in Germany?

We Played Canada once. and we are coming to Germany in November!!!

OBM:What are your goals for the near future?

Travel the world.

OBM:At the end tell a few words to our readers!

I really appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this, please check out the new album when it comes out, we have put our lives into it. Thanks again!


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