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OBM: First of all introduce you and your band history to our readers!

Descended from the ashes of the bands: Deformity and Regression, we’ve started playing shows in 2005 and less time later we’ve got introduced to Niek, our singer. We carve friendship, determination and metal deep into the band’s soul. During 2006 we recorded our first demo “ the fragile light before ignition” catched by the eyes of concert organizators, internet message boards and record companies.Things began to run very fast when we made the finals of the famous Dutch Metal Bash (sponsored by Aardschok magazine) soon after we shared the stage with bands like Textures and Arch enemy.Right now, our debut full cd “Skinnerbox v.07” is a fact.

OBM: Who is responsible for the songwriting in your band? Do you wrote all your lyrics together?

Every band member is responsible in the writing process of the music. The basics song idea is mostly delivered by one of the guitarists while afterwards everything is worked out in team by the whole band.The lyrics are writhed by Niek inspired by our society. 

OBM: From where do you get the ideas and the creative for the Songs?

First of all, by playing a lot together. As a band we always try to find the balance between heavy riffing, using melody and never loosing the groove in each of the songs on Skinnerbox. It was never our main goal to play fast and astechnical as possible but composing good songs is of most importantance to us.

OBM: Can you tell us a little bit about your music influences and how do you use them for you own music?

We where teenagers in the mid-nineties. So bands like Machine head, pantera, At the gates, carcass where very important for us as well the Swedish scene a couple of years later. We’ve always liked bands that bring their own kind of music without losing the sense for melody and songwriting. Modern bands like Killswitch engage, Unearth, Chimaira, … are also high in our playlist, not to forget old school acts like maiden and priest. Those are after all the architects of metal music today.

OBM: Now youre singt at "Apache Productions" youre happy with these guys?

Yes very much. They do some excellent promo work here in Belgium and The Netherlands. We’ve had several offers from record companies at the time we’ve released our demo cd. Apache simply had the best conditions. Mario, the company owner is a good friend of us, who had the right connections in the metal scene. He also produces his own magazine called “Rock tribune”. 

OBM: Is “Skinnerbox v.07” youre first realese at “Apache Production”?

Yes it is. In fact it’s our debut cd as a band

OBM: How was the work with Jochem Jacobs in the studio?

Great man. Jochem is a great personality that delivered a great job in mixing and mastering the album. He is the guitarist of the awesome math-metalband Textures. As a band, he involved us in the whole process. The cooperation in his “spilt second” studio was very relaxed. We sure look forward to work with him again in the future.

OBM: How long do you have worked in the studio on your album "Skinnerbox v. 07"?

We recorded and premixed about 35 days, sometimes twelve hours nonstop. Our singer Niek has his own recording studio (Sweet&sour), so we did the whole job on our own. Jochem mixed and mastered the album in eight days. A very intensive operation, but afterwards, it was worth every second.

OBM: What is the idea behind your band name "Spoil Engine", is there a deeper background on it?

We chose the name of its simplicity and originality. It’s pretty difficult to choose a name that hasn’t been used before. “Spoil” stands for the “rock ‘n roll” side of the band and on the other hand “Engine” is the full driven machine that keeps giving us hell

OBM: Tell us something about the metalscene in Belgium and your position there!

The Belgian metalscene is not the most popular one in Europa. We have a couple of leading acts like Aborted, Lench’che and In-Quest, that are known in other countries too. But for the moment things are changing fast here. Several bands want to bring something new and fresh into the scene. Our label manager calls it “the new wave of belgian heavy metal”. I know it sounds very impressive J but it’s a term that you find also in America and in Sweden a couple of years ago. But as usually the music comes first.

OBM: Now youre close to your tour, how do you prepare you for tours, and can you give us some funny stories from your tours before?

We never went on tour, but we hope to be soon on the road doing some some shows.

OBM: Whats your feedback from Germany ? Have you ever play here some gigs?
No we never did, but we would like to. For us Germany is the number one metal country. You have amazing bands, great festivals and very devoted fans. So every concert organizer, band promoter that read this interview; Book us! 

OBM: With which bands do you share the stage this time ? And with which band do you wish to share the stage in the future?

We shared the stage already with bands like: Maroon, Cataract, First Blood, Born from pain, Arch enemy, and many others. At the end of June we play at the Graspop metal meeting. It’s the biggest metalfest in Belgium and as band the highlight of our career. In August we’re looking forward to open as a support act for Sepultura. And hopefully we go on tour later this year. It would we the first time as a band but sure a dream come true.

OBM: What are your plans for 2007/2008?

Playing al much gigs as possible is our main goal to promote our new album. We’re also started to write new songs so at the end of 2008 we would like to enter the studio again.

OBM: Finally, some last sentences for your fans and our readers…
We hope to seen you all on tour, hopefully very soon, it would be a pleasure to hit the stage in your country . We’ve heard amazing stories from other bands that toured Germany before.


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