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OBM: How would you describe your own sound?

It is difficult to describe, because every member of the group has its influences, but it is especially the state of spirit in which we are when we compose which -determines the atmosphere of the piece, while keeping a violent music as well in the texts as in the melodies


OBM: When did you start with "Coven“?

Coven it's formed in May, 2000, with one others drummer, we made a kind of „rough neo metal "


OBM: What means your band name "Coven“?

A "COVEN" is a gathering of wizards, but for us it is more a gathering of ideas, and it is an easy name to remind


OBM: Is ‘’Sourd et Aveugle’’ your first demo cd?

No, we recorded a first demo (skyzo-corporation) with our ancient drummer, but with the arrived of the new we changed musical direction, thus we have decide to record a more representative demo


OBM: You write in your biography that your influences are heaven shall burn, as we fight and so on, how you convert these influences into your sound?

The fact of listening to different groups allows evolving technically. HSB is a part of these groups which use the "melody" to create atmospheres, quite as Coven, and it is there that our influences serve us, we are influenced by the "metalcore" but also „death core US " and the "thrash"


OBM: Do you work still besides your band?

Ooooh yes!!!!!!! All, in France it is practically impossible to life on this music, if you know a label which engages us full-time, we are OK!!!!


OBM: Many people think metalcore would be only a trend, what is your opinion?

For us the "metalcore" is a music style as the other ones, it is not because it is recent that it is necessarily a trend. It would be surprising that the musicians it say „YO!!!!! Guy’s , if we made metalcore ouhhhh yeah!!! ", no, they just make the music which drive them crazy.

In France people feel oblige to give a style has all what is not classified, in Germany also????


OBM: Are in France except "Heaven Shall Burn" and "Caliban" also still different German hardcore and metal bands well-known?

Maroon!!!!!!! And Last day ever (rip), screaming silence, circle of death.....


OBM: Have you already a record label in prospect?

No! We need help!


OBM: Would you like to play any concerts in Germany in the future?

Oh yes!!! With pleasure, when you want where you want


OBM: And finally, have you some last words for our readers?

We would be very happy to play in Germany, prepare you for the war!!!!!! In the meantime, we see you in da Pit on Pressure fest



See you soon


Juggernaut Coven Mantys-The End Begins Split


Coven-Sourd et Aveugle


Line Up:

Nanjo - Gesang

Toma - Gesang

Erwan - Gitarre

Bruce - Bass

Nico - Schlagzeug



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