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OBM: At first, how are things at the moment by you guys?

Things are going good! We’re gonna be on tour this June with XDeathStarX and MEANS..looking forward to all the shows.


OBM: Some people who are reading this may not know much about you, can you give us a short lesson on the band´s background?

Well it all started out when I ( Frankie ) met and Ben and Joe through a message board in April of 2003. We traded mp3's and they told me to come jam the next day. I had to take a 3 hour bus and train ride to Connecticut from Queens , New York every weekend after that day for about a year. I had been friends with Jesse for a few years and so once we needed a second guitar player , there wasn’t anyone on this planet I could think of that would take this band in the direction it needed to go. Our old bass player sadly couldn’t handle the amount of dedication it was going to take to get this band off the ground due to a full time job ,sick mother and apartment he so he had to leave the band. After some try out's it was apparent that Mark was the perfect piece for this band...we’ve been this lineup sense 2005 and we couldn’t be happier.


OBM: How did Victory Records actually get attentive on you?

Jesse had woken up one morning to a Email from Tony Brummell , he asked us if were interested in doing a showcase for Victory Records we took up the opportunity right away. We played Tony Brummell and a few other people from Victory Records office. And about five minutes after we played, Tony came back into the room and said he wanted to offer us a deal. It was one of the most insane feelings in our entire lives none of us could even believe what was happening. After we loaded our equipment out, I called up my parents and cried. Its definitely a dream come true for all of us.


OBM: Did you ever think, when you started with the band, that you would sign with such a big label like Victory Records records? We always wanted to do be things and take it as far as it Could but none of us ever thought a label like Victory Records would be willing to take a chance with a band like us. We feel very accomplished to be where we are today.


OBM: How long did you actually work on your new album "Goodbye to the


It took us 6 weeks to write our album. We excited to put another one out this time with a little more breathing room to write, sitting in a box with no windows for 6 weeks straight can really drive you crazy.


OBM: Where had you recording the songs and who has mix them?

We recorded our album with world renowned producer ZEUSS at the legendary Planet Z Studios.


OBM: Is "Goodbye to the Gallows" your first publication on Victory


Yes it is, but it is not our last!


OBM: What want you to express with your album title "Goodbye To The

Gallows" and why have you chosen this name?

All the lyrical content is geared towards leaving a horrible situation in your life. If there’s a way to escape your pain do it. We feel "Goodbye To The Gallows" really sum's up that message.


OBM: What is your favorite song on your new album?

Probably "It’s Not Just a Party Its a Funeral“, for me it’s the most personal song lyrically and probably my favorite to perform...when my band plays this song. I feel like were more of a team. That song to me is definitely the heart of the album.


OBM: How was the process for this album did you go preparative in the studio

or did you take up the ideas of the songs spontaneously and improvise the first


We like to go into the studio with song's structured and finished. We take time in the studio very seriously , time is money. So there’s no time to stop and think "oh what’s the next part goanna be "we need to get track's done so that we have more time to mix and master and really make the songs sound as good as they can.


OBM: How are the reaction from your fans on your new album or general the

reaction because of the album?

The reaction to the album has been pretty shocking. I’m extremely happy that so many people are enjoying the record. We plan on keeping our fan's happy with the next one.


OBM: Who has design your album cover, were you involved by the design, had you put your own ideas in the design?

Our album art was done by a great artist named Paul Friemal. We told him our concept was. He drew it up and it worked.


OBM: A lot of bands pay more attention to their image than to their music. How

is your opinion about it?

Let’s face it image is important. But music has and always will come first. Write a few good song's than, yes go get some fly gear and smash the clubs.


OBM: Beside, did you ever play outside of America or do you plan concerts

somewhere else ? Maybe even in Germany?

We have toured Canada a few times. A trip to Germany would be unreal! I really hope we get the chance to come over sea's very soon.


OBM: What are your goals for the near future?

Do a lot of touring than take time out to write our new record which I am totally stoked for.


OBM: At last, have you some final words for our readers and your fans!

Thanks for reading! We hope everyone spreads the word and picks up the album!

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Line Up:
Franckie Palmeri - Gesang

Jesse Ketive - Gitarre

Mike Mulholland - Gitarre

Mark Davis - Bass

Mike Kaabe - Schlagzeug

Former/Past members:

Ben Lionetti - Gitarre

Joshua Ammermann - Gitarre

Joe Lionetti - Schlagzeug



"The reaction to the album has been pretty shocking. I’m extremely happy

that so many people are enjoying the record. We plan on keeping our fan's

happy with the next one"

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