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OBM: At first, please tell us in a few sentences about your band "Heartshed"!
We are three white men and one Indian. We desire to bring the rock.

OBM: So, how would you definition your sound?
Our music from "The Emphatic Fall," could probably be described as a harder sound along the lines many emerging screamo or metal bands one would hear today. Our new sound is some what hard for us to define right now, as our new EP is not finished yet. As it nears completion however, we'd describe it as heavy and aggressive, yet ethereal at times.

OBM: From where do you all come and how did you come together?

We all live in the general vicinity of the Sacramento, California area. Heartshed was formed by some friends who enjoyed playing music!

OBM: And who got the idea to establish “Heartshed“?
It was mutually decided by Zack, Luke, and two previous members.

OBM: What does your band name “Heartshed” mean ? Is there a deeper background?
Haha... I'm not too sure. It meant something to one of our previous members, who actually decided on the name, but the meaning has been lost...ha

OBM: You have one EP called "The Emphatic Fall". Please tell us a little bit more about this!
It is an EP of pure rock. Those who wish to experience maximum rock should buy it from our online store.

OBM: Are your songs about political topics or personal matter?

Both at times. I try to write in such a way that no matter what the topic, everyone can walk away with something.

OBM: How long did you work on this EP "The Emphatic Fall"?
The songs were sort of collective of a years work.

OBM: How was the feedback about your EP and the songs?
Not sure! We hope people like it. We have received positive feedback from our fans, but have not read any reviews.

OBM: At the moment you are working on a new EP. When will it be finish and available?
As of right now, It will be finished in August and will be released in the early fall. This is all tentative, however.

OBM: Where was it recorded and who had mixed the EP?
"The Emphatic Fall," was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aaron Hellam of Castle Ultimate Studios.

OBM: Do you have a record label in prospect or do you still searching for one?
Haha... we have spoken to and continue to speak with some. We are always keeping our eyes open, but are in no hurry. We just love to play.

OBM: Where do you go on tour this year?
Not sure at this point. We’d like to go to as many places as possible upon completion of the EP.

OBM: Do you have a job beside your band and when yes, what kind of job?
We all still have day jobs. Three of us actually work at Starbucks, while one works as an electrician apprentice.

OBM: What do you do in your free time?
That varies upon the member, but I like to listen to music, attempt to write some, hang out with people, cook, read, and slay fish with my hands.

OBM: What are your next plans with your band?
To write the best music we are able to, while touring as much as possible.

OBM: So and finally, do you have some sentences for your fans and our readers!

Yes. We love you all, and hope to see and meet all of you at our shows. Also, please read C.S. Lewis.


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