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9th Corner

OBM: You are probably not so common by most of the readers yet. Give us a short summary of your band?
9th Corner from Easley, South Carolina!  A unique combination of Metal music with Hip Hop and Bongos.

OBM: Do you know each other before you start with the band?

Everyone in the band pretty much grew up together in the same town or close by.  They have all been friends for many years and have playing in different bands.

OBM: What is the idea behind your band name "9th Corner", is there are deeper background on it?

While trying to think of a band name, Paul and Jimmy went to play pool at a local pool hall.  Somehow 9 Ball in the Corner pocket became 9th Corner.

OBM: What are your music influence and how do you use it for you own music?

Influenced by HED PE, Nonpoint, POD, Korn.  We take a little bit from everything we hear and use it to motivate us to write songs.  We love all music and we combine it all to make our unique style.

OBM: You sound a little bit like (hed) P.E.Are you see them as your musical examples?

We have played with them many times and we are influenced heavily by them.

OBM: Is "Stranger Than Fiction" your first Album or how many Albums do you have recorded up to now?

Stranger Than Fiction is our first album, it took us a few years to write the songs and get them recorded.  We released this album in March 2007.

OBM: How long have you work on that Album and where have you recorded it?

We recorded it in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at SeaNote recording.  Actual recording time took us a little over 2 weeks.

OBM: How was the process for this album, do you go prepare in the studio or take you up your song ideas there spontaneously and improvise first times?
We wrote all of the songs and performed them for a year before we recorded them.  Everything was ready when we went into the studio.

OBM: From where do you get the ideas and the creative for the Songs?

Mostly personal experience in our lives and friends

OBM: What are your songs about ?Do you want to express something special?

Songs are about relationships and anger and the daily struggle that we have all been through.

OBM: Who is responsible for your songwriting?

The whole band has a part in the writing the music and Jimmy writes all of the lyrics.

OBM: How important is the lyrical side of "9th Corner" compared to the musical side?

Equally important, it is a way we can express ourselves, both items need to be there for it to work and flow

OBM: Who has design your album cover for "Stranger Than Fiction"?

our tour manager Jason

OBM: What do you enjoy the most about being in a band?

We enjoy playing in front of crowds and touring, we hope to tour Europe in the next couple of years.

OBM: What is planed for the next time?

We are planning a 2nd album in 2008, title is unknown as of right now, we have worked on a few new songs.

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers?

We want to thank all of our fans for the support over the years, we look forward to meeting new fans and hopfully we will tour in Germany soon! Please listen to our music on Myspace Thanks!


9th Corner - Stranger Than Fiction



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