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OBM: Can you give us a short lesson of your bands background?

Last to remain was founded back in 2003 after our old band, Aggravation broke up. We wanted to start a new band with less metal and more brutal beatdowns. To still keep the heavy sound but add more hardcore feeling than we had in Aggravation, so we started making new songs; shorter but still brutal and more mosh-friendly. Since the beginning, the band has been through numerous of line up changes, and today only two of the original members still remains. But all these changes has made the band stronger and shaped it into what it has become today: an unstoppable and relentless warmachine that takes no prisoners. Through the years, the band has shared stage with great bands such as Shattered realm, Since the flood, Sworn enemy, Knuckledust, St hood, Cutdown, Sick of it all and Madball. We are not a straight edge band, but 3 of the members supports and lives this lifestyle. The band focuses on representing the tougher and harder side of hardcore and bringing the mosh to the masses.

OBM: How would you describe your own sound and which bands have you really influenced?

A good blend between hardcore, beatdown and a dose of metal. Inspired by bands such as Shattered Realm, xTyrantx, Let It Die, Hatebreed and Death Before Dishonor, but we always try to add our own twist to it.

OBM: You had in the past a line up change (new singer), did this damaged your band or make this your band only stronger, better and pushed you to work tougher?

It made us able to do a lot more shows, because the new line up are able to tour a lot more. Our new singer are also a lot more easy to work with, and more open to ideas we suggest for him. But he also gets to add his own style to the vocals. So we would say that we stand a lot stronger with this lineup.

OBM: How long do you have search for a new singer, was it hard to find a good one?

We posted a message on a numbers of message boards and got a phonecall from a guy really fast. We tried him out on a couple of rehersals and that was it.

OBM: "Operation Beatdown" is your first full length album! How long do you have work on it!

The songs were written in a period of about one year and then we used around a month to record it. The album contains some old songs that we re-recorded and also a large number of new songs that has not been released yet.

OBM: How many cds have you recorded up to know?

We just recorded 3 demos, but no full lenghts.

OBM: Do you have fun with working in the studio or was it rather strenuous for you?

Yeah of course we have fun in the studio!! Especially when we recorded the “gangvocals” on the cd. But I think maybe the soundman got a bit frustrated and tired of all out bullshit in the end. haha!!  Its important to have fun but at the same time know when its time to be serious, focused and professional about what you do. Usually when we go into the studio, we record at a place where we know the technicians from before, this way its easier to get the sound we want. Coz the sounddude already knows us and knows what we wanna sound like.

OBM: Is there something that our readers should know about your first full length album, what does it make special?

First of all we can say that we are Norways only beatdown band. There is some bands that play kinda beatdown influenced music, but no bands here in norway can match our style, heeh. Compared to alot of other beatdown bands here in Europe, i think we have managed to create our own sound. We sound alot more like an american beatdown band than european bands i think. We are the northern beatdown kings as people tend to call us. I think thats all that has to be said, if people like beatdown they should check our shit out!

OBM: How are the reactions on your first full length album?
Well.. since the album is not released yet i dont really know, but the few that have heard the pre-production say that it sounds very good. And the interest for this release also seem pretty good as we get alot of questions and response about it.

OBM: What are your music influence and do you use them for you own music?

Our influence comes from alot of other bands, as mentioned earlier, but we also get alot of inspiration through everything from things that we experience in everyday life, read about and think about. Our lyrics deals with alot of different themes. From the typical backstabbing/shittalking among friends, or in the scene, and things that have to do with hardcore like unity, sincerety and loyalty. We also sing about more political stuff such as war, racism, capitalism and abuse of power.

OBM: Please tell us a little bit about the songwriting, how do you work on new songs, how did the songs grow?
Well i guess it all start with a riff we make or a lyric. And then it just evolves into a whole song. As usuall it dont take us that long to make a song since we always have ideas for new songs . Sometimes we get inspiration to make something by listening to other bands , or we have our own ideas for how it should sound. But as usual it starts with an idea for a mosh/beatdown-riff and then we kinda build the song around this, since this is what we think is most important in a song: to make it moshable, hehe.

OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs?

I think we already answered this in question number 9.

OBM: What is significant to you to being in a band?
Its a way to express ourselves, a way of art. But also a way for us to have fun and be creative and do something that has great value for us. And to help us get through life and deal with all that comes with living. Both in good and bad ways. A therapy for the realease of tension and everyday frustration. Its also like a second family and you get connected to eachother in a very special and great way. A brotherhood of people that share the same passion. For making music and live the hardcore lifestyle.

OBM: What are your strengths as a band?

We have developed a very strong survival instinct, because of all the lineup changes and shit we have been through since the beginning. No matter what has happened in the past, the core of the band has always managed to stay focused and getting the band to move forward no matter what. The hardcore lifestyle is what gives us meaning and purpose in life, the fire that burns in our hearts. And we will do what ever it takes to keep this flame alive.

OBM: Have you played any concerts in Germany or do you plan some shows here?

No we have never played over there, but we would love to come play some day, so please book us! We have never even played outside Scandinavia, so we would love to get our asses down to the rest of Europe and also in UK. When the cd is out we will try to get a tour booked as soon as possible.

OBM: What are your plans and aims for this year?
For this year we aim to first of all release this cd, and we also have talked to our label to record a mcd by the end of the year. We might also go on a little Scandinavian tour, but this is not certain yet. Beside all this we will try to play as many shows as we can to promote our new cd. Hopefully we will also try to get some killer merch out to the crowd.

OBM: What is your meaning to the straight edge lifestyle?

We are not an all-straightedge band, but 3 of us follow the straight edge lifestyle. Because of that we choose not to include the straight edge message in our music or the band in general.

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers?
Thanks for taking the time to read about us and showing interrest in our band. That means the world to us. Be shure to check out our cd when it's out, and don't be afraid to contact us via our mail or myspace. And of course thanks to the Own Blood crew for doing this interview.

L2R 2007
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