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OBM: For those people that don't know who "Antikythera" are, could you give us a quick history?

We are a 5 piece band from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Home of such bands as FLAW, Primer 55, My Morning Jacket, Outspoken, fiveboltmain, Nappy Roots, Days of the New, and Tantric. Antikythera is Timmy Flaherty - Guitar, Nathan McDaniel - Guitar/Vocal, Chris Miller - Vocal, Chad Omen - Bass, and Josh Ricci - Drums. We all have different and unique influences. We are a mix of many styles of metal. I guess we would be described as a hardcore/metal band but we also have within our music death, doom, black, math, punk, thrash, grind, skank, 2 step, hardcore as well as jazz, stoner rock and old dirt rock. Occasionally you can pick up loose change off the dance floor. We are very progressive and our newest material, we feel, is a new fresh sound.


OBM: Since when does your band exist and who got the idea to set up the band?

In the middle of 2004 while guitarist Timmy Flaherty of the Lava/Atlantic band Hot Action Cop was off tour and in the middle of recording the 2nd Hot Action Cop record, he had some down time and wanted to put together a metal project. After going through several drummers he found Josh Ricci who was playing with a band called Kallus. A friend of Josh's, Nathan McDaniel started to play bass until he had to serve some time in jail. Chris Miller was also a friend of Josh's who started screaming in the mic at our practices. We got bassist Jamie Dailey and her brother Jake Bir on guitar. That line up stuck together for 2 years. In the meantime, the Hot Action Cop record was taking longer than expected to finish, so Antikythera continued to play shows locally and regionally. Jake Bir left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Nathan McDaniel after his return. Jamie Dailey was replaced by Chad Omen this year.

OBM: What does the name "Antikythera" mean?

The Antikythera Mechanism. In 1901 divers working off the isle of Antikythera found the remains of a clocklike mechanism 2,000 years old. The mechanism now appears to have been a device for calculating the motions of stars and planets. The Antikythera Mechanism is most complicated piece of scientific machinery known from antiquity.

OBM: How many albums or EPs did you already record till now?

We have 1 EP recorded in 2004 and 1 full length CD recorded in 2005-2006. We have our 2nd full length CD release set for this summer.


OBM: Can you introduce our readers your albums or EPs, please?

The 1st EP is out-of-print. The 2nd CD is available on our MySpace page. .


OBM: Did you write your songs together or is there only one of your band responsible for this?

We write as a band always. The guitarist Timmy and Nathan bring in the riffs. The drummer Josh writes the beats and the bassist Chad writes the bass parts. Arrangements are put together by all of us. Vocal patterns and lyrics are mostly put together by our vocalist, Chris and drummer josh but all of us have input. Writing is always an open process between us so anything is possible. That keeps it fun and interesting.


OBM: Can you tell us what inspired your lyrics?

Our lyrics are mostly epic stories about mythical things, also sometimes true stories. Very abstract and deep at times but fully understandable.


OBM: You record your songs by yourself. Don´t you have any record label in prospect or are you still searching?

The first EP was recorded by Timmy on his computer at the practice area. The quality was a little better than a basement tape. The first CD was a low budget studio recording. The quality was less than what we really wanted because of the budget. Four of the songs from that CD can be heard on our MySpace page. The new recording is much more professional. We are recording at Logan Studio here in Louisville. Some other bands that have recorded here are Ed Gein, KillWhitneyDead, Lords, Brothers of Conquest, Coliseum and My Morning Jacket. We are being looked at by Midgets with Machetes out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee founded by Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Guitarist Brad Thomson with distribution through Uprising Records.


OBM: How is the feedback about your band and your music?

We have a great following in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. We are currently touring regionally to reach out our fan base further.


OBM: Can you tell us a bit about the metal and hardcore scene in Kentucky?

It is pretty good. We have a lot of metal fans here. We have great bands that are working hard, including, Anagnorisis, Caldera, Assisting Sorrow, False, Incursion, Lords, Brothers of Conquest, Coliseum, We Speak Texan to name a few. There are several venues that cater to the harder bands which is pretty cool.


OBM: You starting a tour this June. Is this your first tour?

We do regional shows all the time but this would be our first official tour. But unfortunately we had to cancel this tour because of the money situation. With gas prices the ways are, we feel that finishing the 2nd CD is way more important than touring at this time. So we are putting all of our resources into the studio. We will book another tour after we are done with the record so we have something new to support.


OBM: How do you prepare yourself before the tour begins?

Make friends online and trade gigs. Save money! Create good merch that may be your food and gas money. Make plenty of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


OBM: Do you have a job beside your band and what kind of job?

All of us work right now but are pretty flex able to play gigs. If something was to happen and we were able to get signed to a label we would be ready to quit our jobs.


OBM: What music do you hear in your private? Can you recommend our readers some good bands?

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Year of Desolation, Look What I Did, Carbomb, Gengsis Tron, Immortal, Necrophagist, Cephalic Carnage, Ion Dissonance, Lye by Mistake, The Faceless, KillWhitneyDead, Burnt by the Sun, Origin, Napalm Death, Poison The Well, The Sword, Converge, Job For A Cowboy, Psyopus.


OBM: What are your future plans?

The plans of this band have always been the same from the beginning, to get a deal and tour. We plan to finish our 2nd CD before summer and shop it to all the smaller labels, book a tour ourselves and support this record.


OBM: So and finally, do you have some sentences for your fans and our readers?

Thank you for reading this and please check out the bands and labels we have mentioned in this interview. There's alot of great metal to be heard. Please check out our new CD which will be released soon.






Line Up:

Chris Miller - Gesang
Tim Flaherty - Gitarre
Nathan McDaniel - Gitarre
Chad Omen - Bass
Josh Ricci - Schlagzeug





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