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A New Hope

OBM: At first describe your band in a few words!
A New Hope is a 6 headed furious metal-screamo-hardcore band from the lowlands between Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands that is.

OBM: How and when did your Band get together?

We started merely in march 2006 and did our first gig in september 2006 in Amsterdam. We know eachother for a very long time and played wich eachother in other bands and formations also; A New Hope was a good sequel to our close friendship and bandexperiences at that time.

OBM: How many albums did you record up to know?
So far? None! Untill now we've worked with a 3 track demo CD and mp3's on the internet but we are now working on a 7 track EP right now to release in 2007.

OBM: You are at the studios at the moment how many songs did you record till now and what can we look forward to?
In fact we have like 14 songs pretty much finished off on recordings and only some mixing need to be done on some tracks. We choose to bring out the 7 best of those 14 tracks on an EP.

OBM: Do you already got a name for the new album your just recording?
Not yet, we cross that bridge when we get there.

OBM: Does your name have a special meaning for your band?
Yes, it has a deep positive vibe in it, an energy we share in spritual, emotional and maybe religieus way and wich we try to communicate.

OBM: Who does the songwriting in your band? Do you have a songwriter at all or do you all write the songs together?
Our guiraist Peter and vocalist Dennis do the initial songwriting and composing for our songs. As a band we work out these compositions into a new song but only some minor changes are done mostly.

OBM: Did you ever had a label or are you just running without labels?

No there is no label...yet. There was one labe intrested in a small recording and distribution deal but it would ask to much for our bandmoney at that time so we passed.

OBM: And did you name the band after something? We got the information that it would be linked with the title of the first Star Wars film and are interested to know what it made yourself name like that.

The link to Star Wars is an easy one but can be made if people want to. Our guitarist (and songwriter) Peter is a big Star Wars fan, but that's just a coincedence ;)

OBM: What were your greatest concerts or even Tours you made, and what bands did you most likely play with?
In the 10 month we play right now we've done some bigger and smaller gigs wich we've all enjoined just as much by the way. We are satisfied with the amount of gigs in these few months and done shows with foor instance Across 5 Aprils (usa), The Orange Man Theory (ita) The Casino Brawl (uk) and Green Lizard (nl). But also a lot of shows with local bands and our performance and gis were always well appreciated and we got a lot of positive energy of the musicians and crowds.

OBM: In the end of the year you're doing some concerts with orange man theorie from Italy and Deviding the line from Uk. How were those concerts planned and do you know the guys from concerts before? How did you get to know each other?
Yes we've played with TOMT in belgium one time and we turned out to get a long together well so we drank some and we smoked some :). We also agreed to work out a small tour and do some shows in the Netherlands wich A New Hope tries to pull off at some venues. Some planning for shows with international bands go trough a guy who runs Dam Eager Promotions. You find him here... He plans gigs troughout MySpace mostly and combines international bands who are in the neighbourhood and put them in average small venues with local bands.

OBM: Are you even planning other concerts that year? For example in Germany?
Yes! We would love do to shows in Germany and also Belgium and France. Although we had some nice gigs in the Netherlands, it's still a hard game to get our band on good stages frequently here. We know things are better in Germany and Belgium/France when it comes to arranging gigs for bands like us. So besides a label we are merely seeking a good international bookingsagency.
So any one who read this and can help us out, just contact us.

OBM: In the end you run the chance to tell our readers something else!
Listen to A New Hope, it's always there in your despair!





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