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OBM: So your band was formed in the year 2001 in Sweden. Tell us a bit about the journey that Dead Reprise has been since you started?

Yeah we formed in 2001 in a really small industrial town called Norberg. It's only 10 km from the old rock city Fagersta where we grew up going to shows with local bands and lots of bigger bands. You might know 59 Times the Pain, The Hives and No Fun At All. They are all from this small area and inspired younger kids like us to start our own bands and put up shows which we did. I knew our singer Patrick from school and he is one of my oldest friends. Billy and our original bass player (also named Patrik) was a bit older than me and I knew them from shows and we use to hang out at the skate park. We all had different bands but decided to start this band to become more serious with our music and take it to the next level. Since then we've had other people on bass and we added a 2nd guitar this year. They are all my brothers and I'm happy and proud to be in this band.


OBM: Now, you are all living in Örebro in the mid of Sweden. Why did you have to move there?

Some of ourselves and some of our girlfriends started to study in Örebro so I guess we all ended up in this town one after another. It’s a lot bigger than Norberg where we grew up and it has a lot more to offer. Some of our best friends lived here before we moved here too so we always hangout here. You might have heard of the band “Path of No Return” who are from this area? We also couldn’t stay in our hometown because we got drown into some stupid shit related to violence and threats that became a big rock on our shoulders. I won't go into details here but let’s just say we had to deal with some really crazy Nazis. It was time to move on and I don't regret a second of it. I love it here! I think we have one of Sweden's strongest hardcore-scenes at the moment. Lots of shows, kids starting bands and just a great vibe.


OBM: A few days ago you played in Örebro on a festival. How was the vibe there?

Yeah we played a big outdoor festival in a big park in central Örebro. Free entrance and many people showed up. It felt good even if that was the first gig with our new bass player Chris and Daniel from Path Of No Return filling' in on 2nd guitar. This was a really important show for us cuz we played in front of a whole new crowd. There was lots of older people and especially young kids that usually don’t go to a hardcore show. I think we made a bunch of new fans right there. Awesome!


OBM: I think that was the best way to promote your new MCD "DEATH OF A NATION". How was the feedback?

You mean the feedback at the show or for the MCD? We played a couple of songs from the MCD and it has been out for a while now so I think most of the people who are into us already picked it up. We've got great response so far.


OBM: How long did you work on "Death of a Nation"?

It came out like last year I think but actually it was recorded in 2004 and the songs were written a long time before that! I don't even remember in what order we wrote the songs or how fast we wrote. I write all of our riffs and we all put the pieces together while we practice. Usually it doesn't take more than 1 or 2 practices to make a song. I mean we play hardcore, just rip some Integrity shit off and play with the right feeling and you got it right.


OBM: Do you was satisfied with your results?

It turned our great except the fact that we had to wait for fucking years to get it out cuz we got ripped off by a label. I’m happy our good friend (and now even bass player) helped us out through his label Dead Vibrations. Dave Quiggle from No Innocent Victim made the artwork which is kinda cool since we love his band and his design work. If you haven’t heard or seen it, go pick it up!


OBM: How is the cooperation with "Dead Vibrations Industry"?

Since Chris who runs that label is a really good friend of ours. We felt kind of safe working with him. It’s great to have a close connection. He has been a part of our family since day one. We did our 2nd show ever at a crazy indoor festival in Helsinki, Finland with Down My Throat, Bolt, Endstand and Chris band at the time. He booked most of ours shows so far and always believed in us since the start. It feels amazing to have him on the ship fulltime now.


OBM: How do you work on new songs? Perhaps, do you let you inspire of your friends?

Actually we have written 15 new songs since the "Death of a Nation" MCD. We just finished the recording of our first ever full length and most of the songs were written by me last winter. We got some fast energic shit mixed up with really heavy breakdowns and sing-alongs. Patrick's lyrics are better than ever so I think we covered it all pretty good with the new songs. Of course we get inspired by friends, they are the reason we are doing this.

OBM: You have played with bands like "Terror", "Walls of Jericho", "Sick Of It All", "Born From Pain" and many other bands. Did you ask them if they want to play with you or did they ask you?

Yeah we have been lucky enough to play with a bunch of cool bands that we all love and respect. Most shows the promoter asked us to play but sure we have made friends in some of these bands like Born from Pain, Hoods, First Blood, Shattered Realm, etc. and I’m sure they will ask us to play anytime they come back to Scandinavia.


OBM: What do you think was the best or worst gig you ever played?

Oh they are many bad gigs and a couple of really good ones. I think when we played in Helsinki back in the days we all felt that this is the shit we want to do every day. The show was huge and it had a great atmosphere. A festival called Augustibuller in Sweden and the legendary Deadfest in Linköping are 2 of my favorites. The kids went nuts and it was such a great vibe. Really violent and out of control... Amazing!


OBM: Do you have any tourdates in prospect this year?

Actually we had a European tour of 3 weeks booked last summer but we had to cancel since some of the shows got cancelled without replacements and our original bass player quit the band right before that. We will try to hit the road this autumn with our friends in Palehorse from the US. There are many things that have to work out before we leave but I hope we will go on a long tour really soon! We would love it.


OBM: Do you work beside your band?

Yeah we all work or study. I try to help out other bands on tours with driving and merch as much as I can do.


OBM: What kinds of music do you hear in your private time?

Oh men there are too many to mention. Everyone in Dead Reprise got their own taste and favorite band. We all love bands like Integrity, Earth Crisis, Ringworm, Merauder, Madball, No Innocent Victim that influenced us a lot through the years. Personally I’m a lot into Meshuggah, Neurosis, Satyricon, Isis and Slayer right now. Everyone in this band is very open-minded when it comes to music so you will find any shit like hip hop, metal, pop, rock and jazz music in our record collections.


OBM: Finally, thanks for your time. Any message for fans and our readers?

Well thanks for your time. Make sure you check out our new full length "DAY OF DEFIANCE" featuring 15 new songs. It'll be out later this year! For shows, merch and updates please go to and for Swedish bands and scenes go to Take care! -Anders & DR



Dead Reprise-The Unveiling


Dead Reprise-Day of Defiance


Dead Reprise-Death Of A Nation EP


Line Up:

Patrick - Gesang

Billy - Gitarre

Chris - Bass

Anders - Schlagzeug




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