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OBM: Salut mes copains et ca va ? Give us a short lesson about your band history, please! Salut mec!

The band started in early 2005, Max (Guitar), xJulienx (guitar) and I (Mehdi – drums) are the former members. After few months, Ilhan joined us on the bass (the one who plays on the demo) and a bit after Julien on the vocals. That brings us to mid 2005 when we really started to play together. In December we decided to record our first demo. Then in January 2006 I travelled to Sweden so we had a 6 months break. During this time, Ilhan quit and when I came back we were back to 4 members…We finally found our new bassist (Benoit) in September 2006 and start training hard to play some

OBM: How would you define your own sound?

We try to mix what we all listen to : metal, hardcore, death metal, edge metal…

Some people call it deathcore, but we don't have lots of blast parts…so maybe we can speak about power deathcore !

OBM: Who got the idea to set up your band "Pledge Of Silence"?

We wanted something that sounds good and means something…

We had lots of ideas (some were really stupids…) but we agreed on this one.

OBM: Do you all come from Paris?

We all met in Paris but none of us comes from there. The funny thing is that 4 members on 5 found out that they come from the same city ( Limoges) and that they have common friends.

OBM: What do you want to express with your band name ? Does it have a special meaning for you?

For me it expresses the fact that we're living in a society of trends and appearance, too many people speaks a lot to say nothing. Sometimes people should just shut up and think about the shit they're living in.

OBM: Was it hard for you to record and mix your demo cd by yourself and how long did you work on the demo?

Not really, we've recorded in the place we're we used to play. As we didn't have lot of money to spend on it, we took only 1 day to record the 5 songs. So we've recorded in live sessions and we're quite happy about the result !

OBM: Do you write your songs by yourself and who does the songwriting in your band in general?

Of course we write our songs !It is mainly Max and xJulienx (guitars) who bring the riffs, then I see what I can play on it and most of the time ask for moshparts ! as benoit just arrived in the band he doesn't write a lot but we hope he'll join us soon in the songwritings

OBM: And how do you get inspired for your songs and what are your songs about?

We get inspired by all the great bands we listen to ! then we try to do something that sounds as good, it's not an easy task…For the lyrics, Julien write it alone. It is about everyday's life, all the things that makes us sick and shows human stupidity. We don't discuss it, it's not our musician job !

OBM: Which song on your demo would you favour? And why?

According to me Backstab Leader shows all the faces of the band with a mix of hardcore and death metal, but my favourite isn't on the demo !

OBM: Are you still searching for a record label?

We aren't really searching, we're doing music only for entertainment…

We get contacted by a guy who was creating a music label but we don't have more news…

OBM: Will you go on tour this year?

We're looking for shows everywhere ! it's quite hard for us because we don't come from Paris so we don't have lots of contacts here…

OBM: Wich band would you like to share the stage or with which band would you ever want to play?

Burning Skies, Sentence, Decapitated, Misery Index….so many ! Actually we like to play with bands we can party with !

OBM: How do you prepare you before you start a tour?

Arg…hard to say as we haven't really toured yet…

OBM: What do you do beside your band?

4on 5 are working and the last one (Max not to mention him…) is still student

OBM: What are your aims this year?

Lots of shows, lots of pits !

OBM: Alors, en fin de compte do you have some sentences for your fans and our readers ?

Give us some shows and send us some money (just for music instruments and drugs…) !!

Danke Schön !!

Prost !



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