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OBM: So, at first can you give us a short lesson of your bands background!

Matteo: We started in 1995 just peter (guitar) is in the lineup since we started playing with figure of six in 1997 and so we changed a lot of members in the band but now the lineup seems to be strong.

OBM: Did you think that this many lineup changes damaged your band or make it only stronger?

Matteo: Well it’s difficult to find the right persons you know! I think changing sometimes is not so bad. I mean different points of view etc. it’s good for a band, but a definitive line up must be found for sure.

OBM: Is the line-up better than the line-up before?

Matteo: I think this is the best line up we ever had you know sometimes you feel like this person does not fit in the lineup but...he is a friend and you let it go but it's very important to find professional people to do something real in music.


OBM: Who is responsible for the songwriting in your band? Do you write your lyrics together?

Matteo: All the band participate in the song writing concerning music, arrangement’s and stuff like that as for the lyrics me and Peter the other guitar player write all the lyrics he usually has more ideas than me and I’m better writing lyrics in English so we combine these 2 things.


OBM: And what inspired you lyrically, from where do you get the ideas?

Matteo: For step one we tried to look inside us and try to explain what was going on for this new album and trying to say what is going on. I mean there is a lot of shit going on in these days forth writing about we do not usually give answers to the people but we always try to make people think. We all have a brain and I think it's worth to using it.


OBM: How many cds do you have record up to now or did you record no one?

Matteo: We recorded a demo tape in 1997 but...a long time ago we recorded a cd in 2004 which came out on copro records in October 2005 and then we recorded a new album in April and we mixed it in June with Tue Madsen this year of course!


OBM: How came it to the collaboration with Tue Madsen and how was it to work with him?

Matteo: It was great man! Well, I contacted him! He listened to the music we play he liked it and he accepted just that he is a great producer and a great person.


OBM: How long did you record the cd?

Matteo: We spent a month between April and may recording it.


OBM: Do you go prepare in the studio or take you up your song ideas there spontaneously and improvise first times?

Matteo: We always try to do everything in the rehearsal roomi mean we are a self-produced band with low budget so it has to be like that a think but we always include a song or more than one in our cds called Dark Side which is usually a instrumental song that we jam in the studio we included 4 dark sides in step one which I think it's too much in the new record we put just 1 which is better I think.


OBM: So tell me a little bit about your music influences! Do you use them for you own music?

Matteo: We are all influenced by different kind of music but we try not to put in our music I mean, I like a lot of bands but I will never be like them so i think also people that listen to your music know that and they prefer the "original one“:for example if you try to play like....let's see Caliban, I mean people will always prefer Caliban because they played that music before you do you understand?


OBM: Yes I understand you! That was one of the first bands with this sound and a lot of other bands are just copy them!

Matteo: Exactly


OBM: Yeah I think that’s a problem for many bands that many people think, oh that is another band like Caliban and then they don't listen to that band!

Matteo: True, but it's not people fault man, you can listen to Caliban try to understand How they write music analyze it but not copy it you will never be better than them.


OBM: Yes that's true you must find a way to get your own music style as band!

Matteo: Yep


OBM: What are your strengths as a band?

Matteo: I think we do not play anything original but we play something personal this is our strength!


OBM: So you play music with your heart!

Matteo: Yeah we always put things that fit togetherbut we never think about well this is hardcore it's ok that is not hardcore it's not good and stuff like that we try to write good music it’s not easy man but we try it!


OBM: So do you have plans for a tour this year and would you play some gigs in Germany in the near future?

Matteo: I hope so! I have been to Germany a couple of times and it's great, now we are looking for a new label. Then, I think we will promote the album around i hope to come to Germany too of course.


OBM: What is your meaning to the straight edge lifestyle?

Matteo: Mmm,well, it's too much for me we are not a straight edge band, for sure! But i know a lot of straight edge people vegan people! No problem! Always respect them when they respect me.


OBM: Are you still working beside your band?

Matteo: I'm studying at university and working too.


OBM: What are your plans and wishes for your future?

Matteo: Play of course and having fun with music as i do now finish university of course!


OBM: Finally, have you some last sentences for our readers and your fans?

Matteo: Thanks to you Benjamin for this interview thanks to all you guys that read all the bullshit i said and I hope you all enjoy our new record see you live in your town corner.

Figure of Six-Morning Star


Figure of Six-Brand New Life


Figure of Six-Aion


Figure Of Six-Step One


Line Up:

Jacko - Gesang

Peter - Gitarre

Teo - Gitarre

M - Kay - Keyboard

Lucio - Bass

Lele - Schlagzeug



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