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OBM: At first, please tell us a little bit about your band history!
NR has started in Greece along with my friend Gus in the summer of 2000. And since is pretty limited to play metal in my country I decided to move in Sweden in order to find more dedicated and professional musicians to play with. We have released so far 3 albums 2 with Century media and our new latest effort with Lifeforce records called “A new disease is born.” We have beel collaborated so far with some great musicians like Tomas Lindberg, Per Möller Jensen, Gus g, and Nikolas barker. NR is the dream that I have in music and i´m trying to make the band as well known as possible releasing the best songs that we are capable of.

OBM: What do you think are the most differences to your first full lenght album?
The main differences are that the band now has already found its signature sound and we also surer about us. We have worked so hard to reach at this point, and I think that the new album has some more modern influences here and there but still it has the NR sound with the brutal rhythm guitars and the hard rockish melodies. I let some of the other guys wrote musin in the band and that in a way change the sound in some songs, i think we have really pure NR songs like Death-like Silence and Surge of pity along with Spiral and Spiritual Impulse that shows this modern feel in there.

OBM: Can you tell us a little bit about your songwriting, how did the songs grow, how do you work on your songs for your past album”a new disease is born”?

I was working for more than a year really hard to make this album happened and we did a lot of pre-productions demos’ befere we enter the studio, so we knew what we wanted pretty much. Manly i´m sitting home and play the guitar and record my ideas down and then show it to the other guys, and sometimes we are working together to make new songs. I´m proud of how this albums sounds because I think it´s one of the best efforts for Nightrage so far.

OBM: Why you have called your album “a new disease is born” why you have chosen this name?

We choose this line from a song name from the previous album “Descent into chaos” and we felt that really fit with the songs that we had and also introduce the new music and that NR is still stronger than ever before. It´s a cool line to remember anyway.
OBM: How did you come, actually, to your band name “Nightrage” is there a deeper background on it?
Yes there is, I choose this name once again from my third album “Traumaticon” from a song that we had there called “Nightrage” of my previous band Exhumation. I wanted to show that even if Exhumation split up, the spirit and the passion of the music that I have created all those years, will not stop and it will continue with my new band Nightrage.
OBM: What is your favorite song on your current album and why?
One my favorite now is “Surge of Pity” because it has that sort of feeling of a balled type of song but still has the elements of a heavy song anyway. It’s a really nice arrangement and as a song has a lot of feeling and great hooks. It combines really nice harmony chords with majestic melodies and a great chorus played in very special way. It’s a very interesting track to listen with a strong musicianship.
OBM: How was the process for this album “a new disease is born”, did you go preparative in the studio or did you take up the ideas of the songs spontaneously and improvise the first time?
As I said before we were very prepared when we enter the studio for the recordings, ofcourse we changed some things here and there and that also happens and give that feeling of spontaneity on the songs. I was working so much on my guitars and I think that I did my best work to date. I was really spontaneous when it comes to the leads and harmonies and I wanted to change a lot of stuff and give this feeling of freshness onto the material.

OBM: Your album is mixed and mastered by "Jacob Hansen" in Danmark how was the collaboration and why you have chosen him?

Yes Jacob was the producer, enginner and mixer for that album and he did one of his best recordings, he worked so hard and with such a passion for NR and I´m very satisfied with the sound that he gave us. Our label choosed in the first place Jacob but the thing was that we already thinking about him at the same time. I knew about Jacob from 1999 when he had his own label Serious entairtment and he also worked as a freelance producer for some cool bands like Breaking silence and Mercenary. Alos recently he has collaborate in some killer albums so it was sure that we are going to have a really cool sound with him. He is a really cool guy and a very talented musician so it was really nice to get know and work with him. We want to get back in Ribe and make more albums with Jacob because we think he is a master in what is he doing.

OBM: How are the reactions on your latest album, from your friends and fans?
The overall feeling and reaction about the new album is really positive and we got really good reviews so far, the fans loved the new songs and we are very proud that once again we did an album that kept the quality that characterize Nightrage. We got very good rates in most of the big mags and on the tour people seemed to dig the new songs a lot.
OBM: Who has design your album cover, were you involved by the design, had you put your own ideas in the design?
Henric carlsson made this album cover and I think that he make a great work. We were not invlolved in his work at all because we knew that he is going to make something really cool. It’s a simple idea and you get the picture that you are in the right place.
OBM: How was the feeling for you when you had signed by Lifeforce records and how did you come together?

We were really happy when we signed with them on the first place because we knew that is the right label for a band like NR. We still are very happy with them and all the great work that have put into the band, they invest a lot of money and they are trying their best to establish the name NR. It was one of the first labels that showed interest to sign us after we left Century media, and next thing we knew it was that we had a contract in our hands. They really liked the new material that we had and they wanted to have NR on their rooster as a first priority.
OBM: You have in the past many line-up changes did this damaged your band or make this your band only stronger, better and pushed you to work tougher?
Yes that is true that we had lineup changes and that happened because when I moved alone in Sweden it was so hard to find guys to make the band a unity. So i decided to have session guys pretty much to release the music that I have created with Nightrage. I dont think that damaged the band at all on the contrary make the band stronger and willing to work more and make some more great albums. I´m the heart and soul of Nightrage and the main composer and lyricist and I have worked so hard all those years to make the band a good band and release 3 killer albums. So all the changes dont hurt the band at all because we dont loose any power at all since i´m doing all the work, it would be nice to find dedicated and hungry musicians though and that is my plan to find those guys sooner or later, I´m very satisfied so far with Constantine our new guitarist in the band, he is so hungry and talented and also he has all the right elements to join a band like Nightrage.

OBM: Do you sometimes remember how everything has started as a band or do you think only in the future?
Yes sometimes I think about the past and try to not make the same mistakes, I´m a very giving person and that sometimes is not good when you are giving a lot to ungrateful guys. I try at the same time to look in front of me and make the best out of it. The future belong to the brave I think and i´m very happy right now that NR is an estalished name on the metal scene and people have listened to our music and we got really good response every day, and that give me the energy to be creative and make the best songs that I can, NR will carry on no matter what. OBM: What do you think are your strengths as “Nightrage”? It’s first of all the music that we have created and after my will to make NR a great band out there. I´m so proud of the fact that I never give up in all the problems and the hardship I have been through with the band, I was always there for the band and worked my ass off to keep the band alive. NR is not only a band, it´s an idea and my lifework as a person, it’s everything that I have and i´m so serious and damn dedicated about it, it’s my whole life.
OBM: What do you think over people who download illegal cds/mp3 and copying this all?

I never did that myself and I think that if you go and download only without buying at all, is pathetic and cheap, but that´s what many people do, so do you really can blame them all? Maybe it’s the fault of the music industry as well that have the cd´s really expensive and people with so many bands out there can’t really follow. I like to listen the free songs in myspace sites, but I will never download something and listen to it and then put it in my collection, I need the real thing man.
OBM: What are your next aims and plans for this year?

We want to play as much shows and tours we can to promote the new album, and also start slowly writing some new material for the next album, we dont have anything for the moment but I know that soon we will make some cool songs as inspiration struck upon us.
OBM: Do you play some concerts in Germany this year or are some in planing?
Yes we are doing 3 festivals this summer 2 in Greece Metal Healing and nobudget festival and one in Germany at Summer breeze festival, and we have plans for more touring in autumn. We want also to tour in Japan and USA/Canada and meet all our great fans there.
OBM: At last, have you some final words for our readers and your fans?
Thanx a lot for the interest in Nightrage and I hope that our German fans will dig the new album, looking forward to play and meet them on our forthcoming shows. Hail from Nightrage.Marios Iliopoulos.

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