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OBM: Describe your band in a few sentences!

We are 6 musicians: Djamel (vocals), xYoannx (vocals), xMariox (bass), Mike (guitars), Nico (guitars) and Cyril (drums). We live in the suburbs of Paris, France.

OBM: How do you came to the idea, to start with "Days Of Decline“?

We all come from different musical cultures and we made the band in order to join those different styles: hardcore old school, hardcore new school and chaotic, death metal, punk, black metal, grind and all kind of extreme metal.  We are influenced by bands like Dying Fetus, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse or Emperor as well as bands like Madball, Sick of it all, All Out War, Indecision, Terror,  Nostromo& You can feel the different influences in the music as well as asymmetric rhythms and destructured constructions.  The name of the band is the reflect of the humanity in its race to self-destruction, the fact that people act all the time against themselves and load the gun which is going to kill them.

OBM: What distinguishes your music style?

We play a Brutal hardcore metal with many extreme metals like death, grind and so on& We mix mosh-parts, blasts-beats, syncoped rates / rhythms and unhealthy atmosphere. Our guide line is that the music has to be brutal. That’s the only way for us.

OBM: Who is responsible for your songwriting?

The most of time, xYoannx and Djamel are responsible for our lyrics, the music is composed by the band, with no particular habits.


OBM: Could you tell us what inspires the lyrics? Are some of the lyrics quite personal?

The songs tell several stories: some are personals such as “Trahison” which deals with deceived trusty-relationships and some gets a more general level such as “L’Emprise du fléau” which deals with the oppression that the political power could have on everyone’s life, “Larmes blanches” about overdoses. “Maë” about respect due to our mothers and so on and so forth.

OBM: How did you produce your first maxi cd "Le Premier Jour", had you paid this by yourself?

We paid this first Cd by ourselves, from A to Z. Finding a label won’t change our music& but it will give us the possibility to give to those who like our music a better quality of sound, a better production. That’s why we are looking for a record label.


OBM: Where did you record the Cd?

The CD was recorded in a home studio by Philippe Michon, who is the sound engineer of our shows. We recorded it during summer 2005. The CD has 5 songs and a video clip which was realized by Ju in June 2005. It’s the video of the first song we recorded, for “French Metal Compilation”.


OBM: Have you plans for an Europe tour?

We have ever made a huge number of concerts in France and in Belgium and we are going to play punctually but we are currently composing for the album we are recording in December.  It is planned to be out in March 2008. But we didn’t play in the North and East of Europe& so let’s give the possibility to do it!

OBM: Do you support mutually in the Paris hardcore- and Metal scene, for example (Bands and Fans)?

In Paris, many bands spit on one another that brings a really bad atmosphere as you can imagine. But most of those bands play a very good music. Today, there is a real hardcore scene in Paris with his bands, his associations, his clubs, his fans, his shops, his webzines, fanzines, etc& But the metalscene is bigger than the hardcore scene on all the France. For us there is few bands of Paris we particularly like and played with : Playing with fragments, Strike Back, Ad Nauseam, Anthea, l’Esprit Du Clan.


OBM: Do you search for a record label or do you have one in prospect?

We are supported by our singer’s association “Egeria Record”, which make promotion, communication and ads for us. But we are looking for a label to get more shows and have a professional approach of the music.


OBM: At last we want to know, for our readers: Are there any Clubs or so, who plays hardcore and metal music in Paris?

Paris is full of places for shows and there is no particular place for metal or hc: you can find it in l’Espace B, La Boule noire, La Loco, La péniche Alternat, Le Batofar& on every stage in fact. Some pubs are particularly fond of metal and heavy music, especially le Kata Bar, near Pigalle area, Les Furieux, near Bastille, La Cantada 2, Le Black Dog in Chatelet area& But there is no show there, only music.


Days Of Decline-Le Premier Jour

MCD (2006)

Line Up:

xYoannx - Gesang

Djamel - Gesang

Mike - Gitarre

Nico - Gitarre

xMariox - Bass

xCyrilx - Schlagzeug

Former/Past members:

Mario - Bass



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