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OBM: Okay, at first please introduce your band to our readers shortly!

Mya: We are For love and hate, a 5 Piece Metalcore band from West Yorkshire, England.


Mya - vocals

T: Jodie - guitar

Pannie - guitar

Tony - bass

Luke - drums.


OBM: Good, do you all come from West Yorkshire and how did you come together?

Mya: Yeah we're all from the same town of Halifax, Myself [Mya], Jodie and Luke are best friends and in November 2005 we decided to start a band, which back then was called "Death of Narnia".


T: My best mate bob, which had been in a band with Luke previously, used to play bass for these guys. I helped him out driving to a gig with Walls of Jericho. Then when bob left I said I’d be up for playing with them, and now here we are.


Mya: We feel like were more than just a band, we’ve become so close, had arguments, had great times, and were like a family of brothers and sisters.


T: Definitely. We all share the same passion and dream, which makes the bond even stronger!


OBM: Okay, like a family right and who got the idea to establish "For Love and Hate"?

Mya: Jodie! ha-ha we we’re in Leeds train station one day, and she was going through names and she came across that one, which unlike 'Death of Narnia' is more self-explanatory, and everyone can relate to, because we go through it every day, you do things for Love and Hate.


Mya: 'Death of Narnia' came from Luke. Tony? Do you know the reason behind the name?


T: Well, I think, for what I have been told, it Narnia, which is a Russian girls name, also was used to symbolize childhood, and thus Death of Narnia was about moving from childhood into adulthood.


OBM: Before you called yourself "For Love and Hate" you were called "Death of Narnia" Why did you change your name and what exactly does it mean to you?

Mya: I don’t think we ever felt combatable with the name 'Death of Narnia', something about it just didn’t make it feel right, we wanted to have a good name to represent who were are, so that’s where For Love and Hate came from, hah now we are totally fine with our name :] and we hope people love it to!


OBM: Yes, it sounds so! The whole band members seem to me pretty young. How old are you all?

T: We're not actually not that young!


Mya: Well I and Pannie are the babies of the band, haha.


T: Luke is 24, Jodie 21, Mya is 18, Pannie is 17 and I’m just about to turn 20 in November.


Mya: Luke’s 21, slight mistake there Tony.

OBM: How many demos do have right now?


Mya: At the moment it’s more an Online Demo that anyone can download, were currently writing for an E.P.


T: We don’t have any full EPs recorded, that will be happening over the next few months, we still need to do a bit more writing, we've got some amazing ideas at the moment, so when they're sorted, then we'll head into a studio and get everything done.


OBM: So, are you still working at your first EP right now?

Mya: Yep! It’s taken so long, but we're perfectionists, we want every single song to sound great before we record anything.


T: Yeah, if it don't sound right then we don’t want to put it on an ep.


OBM: Of course and what are your songs especially about?

Mya: A mix basically, Most of the newer stuff is All positive, Nightmares is about Betrayal and finally finding who you are and standing up for yourself, i like to write songs that people who can not only relate to but feel the energy of each word i present.


OBM: So you (Mya) are responsible for the songwriting or is this all teamwork?

Mya: I’m down to the songwriting, but I get ideas from the entire band, my band inspires me.


T: Yeah, all the lyrics come from Mya and we write the music as a band, with everyone having say on all the riffs and drum beats.


OBM: How was the feedback about your music?

Mya: Live performances are the best, we get the best reaction ever, everyone gets involved and has a good time, and it’s possibly the best feeling in the world to have 20 kids sing the words back at you. Even in a town we haven’t played before, we know how to get the party started and warmed up for the night ahead.


T: Then when you go back the next time, all the kids are singing the words. It’s brilliant (that’s to go before you said "right!" btw, I’m a slow typer).

OBM: You are beginning your tour in July.  Is this your first tour?

Mya: It’s more of a mini summer tour, were doing a few dates around Yorkshire before we head down south, and it’s basically so we get more people’s attention, we have lots of things planned, tour wise, so keep an eye out, and were heading to Belgium in January!


OBM: How will you prepare yourself before the tour begins or are you all already prepare?

T: Song wise, I think we'll try finish 1 or 2 new songs off, which will allow us to play a more varied set every night, we're used to cramped car journeys, will all 5 of us and all our gear in a small corsa, we might invest in hiring a van, so we can stretch out a bit.


Mya: We're ready for it, we can't wait, we can’t wait for the huge shows, and the long distance travelling around Europe in the future, it’s what we live for.


OBM: We wish you good luck by the way! So, can you tell us a bit about the metal and hardcore scene in Halifax?

Mya: Haha it was nonexistent, but that’s just about to change, we're causing a stir within our town, recommending the kids to start up bands.


T: The scene is more based around Leeds, and often bands from Halifax or the nearby towns will say they are from Leeds, there aren't many good gigging venues in Halifax, of course there are about 2 places that gigs are held, but even they don't make it easy for bands to play there.


T: Hopefully, with all the bands that are starting to appear there will be more places appearing where gigs can be played, and that'll improve the scene immensely.


OBM: Okay, do you have a job beside your band? And what kind of job?

Mya: Haha… I hate this question.


T: I’m currently at university, studying music technology and my summer job is making mixing desks.


Mya: Jodie and I are Job seeking, have been for a very long time now!


Mya: Pannie works at Tescos supermarket and Luke works for Learn Direct.


T: At the end of the day, we all want the band to be our main job.


Mya: It is our Dream!


OBM: So, you all have enough time for your band?

T: Yeah


Mya: Yeah! I dedicate all my time to it.


Mya: Promoting, performing, everything.


OBM: That’s good! So and finally, do you have some sentences for your fans and our readers?

Mya: Thank you for supporting us, you mean everything to us, we can’t wait to have a show at your town/city! Check us out at for updates, pictures, videos, or you can even talk to us Via thank you very much Mya x  

For Love And Hate-Truth


For Love and Hate-In Fear and Faith


For Love and Hate, single cd


For Love and Hate-Reflections


Line Up:
Mya Tweg - Gesang
Jodie Sykes - Gitarre, Gesang
Carl Butterfield - Gitarre

Laura Bottomley - Bass
Luke Whitley - Schlagzeug

Former/Past members:

Pannie - Gitarre

Tony - Bass






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