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OBM: Many people who are reading this may not know much about you, can you give us a short lesson on the bands background? 

We're from salt lake city, Utah. Just 5 kids playing music and hoping to do something better our time than sitting in a cubicle from 9-5.why not play the music that saved us growing up?


OBM: What kind of bands has you actually influences and do you put these influences in your own sound? 

Bold, civ, refused, dag nasty, champion.  Honestly we go into our practice, jam, and whatever sounds good we role with it.  We don't give ourselves guildlines.


OBM: How would you describe your own sound, what makes it so special? 

We put everything we've got into it.  We try to do what we think every band should.  we mean everything way, its honest, and put ourselves out there hoping someone can relate.


OBM: What is the meaning of your band name "CoolYourJets" and why do you have chosen this name? 

Haha. Oh the name. We needed a name and that idea was thrown out and it was catchy so we went with it.  We don't take ourselves too serious.  You shouldn't either.  Enjoy the time you have hear on this world.

OBM: Is "Saving Grace" your first cd or how many cds do you have record up to now? 

It’s our first ep. We actually recorded it a couple months after we started the band.  We didn't have high expectations with it, as far as a label putting it out and whatnot.  We just wanted kids to hear us.

OBM: Is "Saving Grace" your first publication on "7th Dagger"? 



OBM: How long did you have search for an record label and how is the collaboration with "7th Dagger"?

We didn't really search for a label.  We planned on saving up some money between us and putting it out ourselves.  Right before we were about to do that we got a call from Seventh Dagger saying they wanted to put it out.  We both had had common interests and goals with the ep so it worked out well.


OBM: How long did you actually work on your album and where had you record it? 

We wrote the songs in a couple months.  It was never anything serious.  We'd just jam when we weren't at school or work and we went into the studio for 3 or 4 days and recorded it with Andy Patterson, Salt Lake City, ut.

OBM: How are the reactions from your fans on your Album? 

So far a lot better than we expected just because we didn't expect anything.  it’s cool that kids come up to us and say they really enjoy it.  it’s a great feeling.


OBM: Which song on your album do you like mostly? 

Personally, my favorite is chopped liver. - Matt.


OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs, are these based on experiences or more political things? 

This first ep was more built on personal experiences.  I wouldn't expect the full length to be the same.  There is no point putting out the same cd twice.


OBM: What do you want to express with your band, what is especially important for you?

Take advantage of what you've got.  We see too many people living lives that they aren't completely happy with.  If you want something so bad, go get it.  No excuses.  Do you really want to look back at your life and realize that you never accomplished what you set out to do?  Start a band, quit your job and tour the world with some of your best friends.  START LIVING!

OBM: What do you like mostly, when you play on stage? 


OBM: What are your strengths as a band? 

Umm.. I'd say live performance?  We are nothing new, nothing that will knock you off your feet, we are kids looking for something better and doing the best we can with what we have.

OBM: What do you think about the straight edge scene, are some of you guy’s straight edge, too? 

All of us are straight edge.

OBM: For a lot of people straight edge is only a trend, what’s your opinion about that? 

I honestly don't care much about other people and their reasons for being straight edge.  If they are for the right reasons then that is awesome, but it’s not anyone else responsibility to make them do it for the right reason.  We just hope to meet good people with big hearts and are looking to make a difference in this world.


OBM: Do you have some plans for shows in Germany in the near future? 

We hope to!  That’d be awesome!


OBM: At last, have you some final words for our readers and yor fans! 

Start living! 


xCool Your Jetsx-Saving Grace





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