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OBM: Many people who are reading this may not know much about you, can you give us a short lesson on the bands background?

We are a Metalcore five piece from Hampshire UK, pushing the boundaries between beauty and brutality. Professionally speaking the band has been around about two years; however the formation of the original members occurred many years ago, when Bury Tomorrow were 'jamming' in a garage. Since then the line up (the current lineup has only been creating music since early 2007) and the intensity of our sound has grown, now we are stronger than ever and I really think our music reflects that.


OBM: How would you describe your own sound, what make your sound so special?

To be honest a lot of bands have turned their backs on the Metalcore genre, either moving away from screaming or moving away from singing. There is no true metalcore anymore, even we play a mismatched hybrid of hardcore, metal and metalcore. However, what makes us different is that we focus on songwriting first and foremost, if that means the song sounds better sung or screamed, we will do it. We treat both vocal separately and equally, something I think not very many bands are really doing these days. The surviving metalcore bands out there are those who have really perfected their craft in this genre.


OBM: The Sleep Of The Innocents is your debut cd, how was it for you to record this cd, was it hard?

Extremely. Not due to the song writing but because the clean vocals on the EP were sung by our new singer, Jase, whilst he was still learning the lyrics. By that point he had only been in the band two weeks and he was a real find as I’m sure you know from the CD. Recording that record made us realize the things we could achieve if we consistently

worked hard for what we believe in. I think this happens to many bands when they record, but I feel that it inspired us to go away and write even newer material that pushed what we could achieve even further. I think it helped that we worked with an awesome produce (Ben @ Outhouse Studios) as he focused our efforts.


OBM: How long did you actually work on your album "The Sleep Of The Innocents" on which part have you particularly worked for a long time?

The writing process for 'The Sleep of the Innocents' took around 6 months, because we wrote so many songs and riffs, and formulated new ideas that got discarded, because we had a vision of how we wanted the CD to sound. It took so long as we thought long and hard about the emotions we wanted to convey with it, which range from anger, confusion, lust, love, ignorance and arrogance. Additionally we took our time to write the lyrics to get

across our message of social disarray.


OBM: Where have you recorded the album and who mixed it?

We recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading, UK , who have recorded Funeral For A Friend, Enter Shikari, Architects, and Days In December as well as many other great artists. We had heard the results of the records being produced from the studios and were keen to see what they could do for us. As mentioned earlier, Ben Humphries produced and John Mitchell mixed and mastered it.


OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs, are these based on experiences or more political things?

The CD although it’s an example of the songs we can create, reflects a story and not the usual songs we were used to writing. The inspiration behind the CD is a story that allows the tracks to be read like chapters in a book. The story is about a young man, who is a radical idealist that has become continually annoyed with the corruption of corporation and government alike. He feels that the only way to irradiate the problem and bring social harmony is to 'wipe the slate clean'. The story is also conflicted as the lead becomes involved with a woman, who he saved whilst fleeing the carnage he had created. The CD tells the story of how she comes to learn of the past, present and future of her hero's ideas and action, and her conflict into picking a side.


OBM: Who is responsible for your songwriting, do you write all your songs together or is there only one of your band responsible for this?

As a band we create the ideas and flow of each track we create. However, the lyrics are written between us, usually taken on by the person who feels they can give most to the idea. As a whole though everyone in the band has a say in the lyrics, as otherwise it would be one person’s message and not that of the band as a whole.


OBM: How did you work on your songs for your debut album "The Sleep Of The Innocents"?

Practice! Practice! Practice! - we pretty much could have written two CD's with the amount of stuff that got left behind or forgotten. We already had the concept and we knew how the story needed to be told, because of that the songs almost wrote themselves. If you know what you are trying to achieve then finding the pieces that fit is always a lot easier

than trying to create something from nothing.


OBM: How contented have you been, when you hear the first time the completely recorded album, how were your reactions?

Well any band will tell you that they aren’t 100% happy with recording, because you always think you can do better. That is not to say that we aren't proud of the CD , we were extremely happy with what we had created and the way the songs were able to produce the responses we wanted. However hard you work, you will always find parts you wish you had done slightly different or think of a riff that would of fit perfectly in one

song, but all in all we were very happy with the results.


OBM: Which song on your album do you like most?

Personally I love playing “From Broken Hearts”, the last track on the CD. It has so much energy, aggression, and drive you can't help but move to it. However, i think that probably about 80% out there would pick 'These Woods Aren't Safe For Us' (track 6) it seems to have become a bit of an anthem with our fans.


OBM: How are the reactions on your album, from your friends and fans?

Fans love it, the response worldwide from putting tracks on myspace is phenomenal, it has got us a lot of exposure and really got us noticed, particulay around the UK. So that we are pleased with.


OBM: Who designed your album cover, were you involved with the design, had you put your own ideas in the design?

Mike Milford from Scars of Tomorrow (Victory records) designed it for us, we've been talking to Mike for quite a while now and he was keen to do the artwork for us. So we sent him the 'script' for the story and he sent us back designs.  We were involved in the design every step of the way, but to be honest his work is so good, everything he sent us we loved, but again we couldn’t use it all.


OBM: What kind of bands are your influences and do you put these influences in your own sound or how you use these influences?

As a band we have vastly different influences, from Incubus to Iron Maiden, from Iced Earth - Killswitch Engage. However the bands that probably influenced what we play are bands like As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Hast The Day, Parkway Drive and so on. We really just are influenced by good song writing, so if a band is out there writing awesome tunes despite genre we will give them the props that they deserve.


OBM: What do you want to express with your band, what is especially important for you?

The thing that is most important to us, is people all enjoying music together: goth, metal, Emo, punks, ska kids, we really believe that live music is for everyone. We really couldn’t give a fuck what you look like or who your favorite band is, as long as you go to shows to have fun and not to take the piss out of a different type of person. We are very anti -elitism, personally I feel that if you honestly like a band you should support them regardless of what people think, we want everyone who like alternative music to stand together and be proud to like music as a whole.


OBM: What are your strengths as a band?

Hard work! You could be the most talented band in the world but if you’re lazy as a band and you aren't willing to make sacrifices then you shouldn't be doing it. If you work hard at everything, gigging, writing, recording then you will succeed.


OBM: Are you still searching for a record label?

At the moment we are without a label. That is not to say we haven't been offered. It’s just we have specific ideas about what we want from a label, and the offers we have got have not reflected what we need at this time, so we have remained independent.


OBM: You share the stage with many great bands like Caliban, Parkway Drive,Walls of Jericho, and so on, are there any other bands you would like to share the stage with?

I would love to share a stage with Killswitch Engage, that would be amazing!!! Bands like As I Lay Dying and Black Dahlia Murder would also be sick.


OBM: Do you have some plans for shows in Germany in the near future?

We are doing a small tour of Belgium in November for Genet Records, however, we won't be in Germany and the rest of Europe until 2008.


OBM: At last, have you some final words for our readers and your fans?

Be proud of your taste - and listen to BURY TOMORROW!!!

Bury Tomorrow - Lionheart


Bury Tomorrow-On Waxed Wings


Bury Tomorrow-Portraits


Bury Tomorrow-The Sleep of the Innocents


Line Up:
Danni Winter-Bates - Gesang
Mehdi Vismara - Gitarre
Jason Cameron - Gitarre, Gesang
Davyd Winter-Bates - Bass

Adam Jackson - Schlagzeug




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