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OBM: At first give us an introduce of your band in some sentences please!occ: Well im Ryan the bassist and ill be answering the questions, the band is Our Cold City, were a, whom like to tear it up and have fun :)

OBM:How did you all come together and who got the idea to establish "Our Cold City"?

occ: Well the band was formed late 06 bye james and jordan, (guitars) then chris (vocals) and alex(drums) were added start of 07, them myself mid feb.

OBM: What do you want to express with your band name "Our Cold City",is there a deeper background on it?

occ: Only thats its bloody cold in manchester, even in summer.

OBM: How would you describe your own sound to our readers and what make your sound so special ?

occ: Erm we dont like to stick with a tred we write music that to us sounds good and hopefully dose to every one else, its heavy its fast and it has melody.

OBM: How many EPs do have record excactly and what are the names of them ?

occ: We have one ep that its just about finished and is going to be released withing the new few weeks, and its called - Our solem Hour.

OBM: What are your songs about and what will you express with your them?

occ: We like to send a message of hope yet keeping real to life that in the world there is alot of bad things.

OBM: Tell us something about your musical infuences and how you use these infuences for your own sound!

occ: We have a vast mix of taste in music and influences, not all of it is what you would exspect, for example i personaly love Dream theatre and seal (ryan bass) but i know when it comes to writting occ songs i draw alot of insperation from bands such as, Killswitch engage, lamb of god, as blood runs black, just realy good riffage.

OBM: Who is responsible for your songwriting ?

occ: Its a mix realy, all the lyrics are done by chris, but with the most recent work we have done (ryan bass) and (james guitar) do most of the writting, but every one chips in.

OBM: Do you have plans for an full length album ?

occ: After the jan UK and U.S. tours we will be thinking about one yes.

OBM: A lot of bands pay more attention to there image than to there music. How is your opinion about it ?

occ: We dont pay much attention to our image we have no problem with bands that do cause in this buissness its all about the package not just the music, but we do tend to stay with in gidelines on how we look.

OBM: This time you beginning a big tour across England and next year in the U.S.A.. Is this your first big tour and did you ever play in the U.S.A.?

occ: We have never playes over in the staes before and yeah its pretty much the first huge tour we have done, it should be a good laugh, we will be tearing it up where ever we go, were also hoping to do europe as well in the summer.

OBM: When you are on stage, are you still nervous or are you now calm and seren?

occ: Id say were pretty much calm we know why were there and what we have to do, although the bigger venues do make you feel a little more tense.

OBM: With which other bands will you play at the tour and did you ever play with one of them before?

occ: Well the tour is a co-headling tour with from grace we aint toured with them before but we think it will go down well.

OBM: Do you have a job beside your band or is "Our Cold City" your one and only project

occ: We all have little bits of things we do, but occ is basicly a full time project.

OBM: Tell us something about the metal and hadcore scene in the U.K. is it hard to be accept in the scene as a new band and is it easy to get gigs?

occ: its realy esay to get gigs in the uk in this scene but its hard to be accepted, as at the momment all the "death and grim my fringe is black and so is my heart music" is all the rage, but gigs are ealy come by.

OBM: What are your plans and aims for the future?

occ: hopefuly to get alot more well known and progress as a band and take this thing as far as we can.

OBM: And finally, do you have some sentences for your fans and our readers?

occ: Live your life to the full, take every thing you can, and thnx for reading this and please come check us out!


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