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OBM: At first, how are the things by you guys?

OBM: Can you give us a short lesson about your band history!
We started in late 2003 and been stealing virginities ever since!

OBM: How was the feeling for you when you had signed by Ferret Music and how did you come together?
We were pysched, ferret rules! we were originally supposed to sign with Prosthetic records but we felt Ferret was better match for us. Basically we played a bunch of shows with Carl from Ferret's band Nora and gave him demos everytime, he never gave us the time of day until we started recording Your Ghost is a Gift and then he hit us up!

OBM: How did Ferret Music actually get attentive on you?
"Get attentive"? thats sounds serious! Basically i think they were like dayyyuum this band is ILLL!!

OBM: How is the coloboration with Ferret Music, are you satisfied with them?
Yea Ferret is cool, we are workiing on a new record write now, writing songs etc.. So their should be a new Ligeia CD out in 2008!

OBM: From where do you take the inspiration for your songs, are these based on personal


All the lyrics are based off of personal experiences, I write as honestely as i can. All the lyrics on Your Ghost is a Gift are 100% real, I was going through lots lots of hilarious drama in my life at the time, and i just threw a bunch of shit i was feeling into some songs we were writing. I think our record came out at a time when that kind of lyrical material became "played-out" and "trendy" so people over looked that it was completely genuine and real.

OBM: Can you tell us a little bit about your songwriting, how did the songs grow and who is responsible for your songwriting?
Me and Ryan write all the songs, he writes the guitars riffs and i write the lyrics and vocals. Basically we work together and write music to be best of our ability, we definately feel that our new songs are going to be a way better representation of Ligeia, so we are excited to unleash our new material.

OBM: Which song on your album do you like mostly?
I like "I'm Sorry You're Ugly", its song kids love and we play live and shit gets wild.

OBM: Do you work on a follow album of "Your Ghost is a Gift"?
Yes! Its coming out awsome, we cant wait to show the world how sick we are!

OBM: How are the reactions on your latest album, from your friends and fans?
Fans are our friends, especially on the road, they are the best friends we could ever have. Fans are awsome! especially in the Northeastern region of the U.S. and most of Canada is rad as well.

OBM: Which kind of music do you prefer personally?
Hip hop, i listen to alot of Eminem and Slipknot. Well not slipknot not so much anymore, but i went threw a fase where i was listeing to slipknot again rediscovering all their cds. They definately are an awsome band, i think people just branded them with the numetal thing but they are really are an amazing band.

OBM: What do you think about the German Metal and Hardcore scene in general?

To tell you the truth, we dont know much about it unfortunately. We did a europe tour last decemeber but it only went to the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium.

OBM: What are your plans for the future ? Do you play some shows in Germany in the next time?
YES!!As soon as a new cd comes out we will be trying to tour europe again and play Germany this time!! Help spread the word about us!

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers and your fans?
HIT US UP ON MYSPACE!! i hate myspace but fuck it, we check it all the time so stop by and say whats up!




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