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OBM: dudes, how are you? Before we start, give us a little intrduce of your band, please!
Baina - Vocals
Joel - Guitar
Chiz - Guitar
Chris - Bass
Tim -Drummer

Her Nightmare are a Hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.

OBM: What is so specially in your sound, how would you explain it?

To be honest there's not much we can say. We're a hardcore band and wish to be described that way. There's nothing particularly special about our sound but we do aim to for fast, loud, heavy and tight. If we can achieve these things then we're happy.

OBM: At 2003 was your band established. Who got the idea with your band and how did you come together?
Our local area had a somewhat decent youth band organisation that allowed underage bands play in battle of the bands and things like that. Her Nightmare started as a merger of members of two bands and eventually emerged as the one that stuck through it longer. But yeah, it just started as something fun and its basically stayed the same with a little more focus put into the song writing.

Why did you choose “Her Nightmare” as band name? What does the name mean for you and will you express with them?
We started off as an american nightmare cover band called "australian nightmare". Then we started writing some shit songs and the easiest thing was to change the name to "Her Nightmare" and its stuck haha. Serious.

OBM: In the year 2005 was your first album “No Heaven, No Hell” released. How much time did you work on the album?

We worked on that for about 6 months outside the studio rehearsing once a week. I think it was 8 days in the studio all up including mixing.

OBM: Have any person support you by the recording of your album?

(Did anyone support us in recording the album?)No. The album was all self funded and we weren't on a label at the time so we had to do things the hard way. Nobody had really heard of us in australia at that time so i guess why would anyone support us. Maybe we weren't worth supporting at the time.

OBM: What is the background of the cover name "No Heaven, No Hell"?

"No Heaven, No Hell" is pretty self explanatory. It refers to our mistrust of organised religion and most of that album's songs are based on similar themes. The new album moves away from religion a little. We've done that album.

OBM: How are the coloboration with the label “RESIST RECORDS” are you satisfied with them?

Resist have been great. If not for the one man show that is Graham Nixon at Resist, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to tour with such bands as Parkway Drive, Comeback Kid and Terror. We also got to do a one off with Hatebreed which was cool. To be honest what Resist does is no easy thing. They bring alot of bands to Australia with a financial loss as a consequence just so people can see international acts they wouldn't normally see.

OBM: How was the feedback of your first album?

Actually, i feel it took a little while for people to repond to it at all. For the longest amount of time i remember being the small few that bought the album singing along and most of the audience being, "who the fuck are these guys?", after a year and a half of that and some steady touring people know us alot more now.

OBM: Do you want express something special with your songs?
We mainly want to express our points of view. Our general dissatisfaction with many aspects of society. Basically that alot of the time we are fucking angry. We don't want or expect people to agree with us, but if you're not expecting another point of view what the fuck are you doing listening to hardcore?

OBM: At the 27. September are you beginning with your tour across Australia. Is this your first big tour you ever make?
No. We've done a few big ones in Australia. Comeback Kid and Parkway Drive have been the biggest thus far but this upcoming Parkway Drive Tour will be out of control, guaranteed.

OBM: Did you ever tour somewhere in other countrys or only in Australia?
We've only ever toured Australia. It'd be great to make it to Europe and Japan sometime next year. Thats the dream at least.

OBM: How is the Hardcore scene in whole Australia? Please, tell our readers about this!
Its a little weird. Sometimes i think it's really going strong and other times i think its about to implode on itself. When we first started everybody listened to everything. There weren't nearly as many titles or genres being developed and it was just music that was fucking awesome. Nowadays you've got your fucking Mosh Metal, Crucial, Emo, Art Rock, Spazz Core, Grind, Crunk, and whatever fucking name you can pull out of your arse. It almost seems for every title there's now a seperate scene with a different look and a different trend and its all getting divided. People don't seem to know its all fucking music. When it's strong it seems its one city at a time. In a way the rise in popularity at least in our style of music started with Adelaide. They were pumping out bands that were actually good and they started touring regularly which was almost unheard of at the time, mainly because of the distances between each major city. Then Melbourne (where we're from) had its rennaisance good bands good crowds and at the moment its Sydney's turn. Australia's scene is still very young at the moment and it's largely young kids that enjoy it no strings attached. There's no real support except for one two hour national radio show, the rest is done online. Who knows where it will end up.

OBM: What do you think is there still some kind of political awareness in the Hardcore scene, especially in Australia?
I hate to say it but i doubt thats what's on alot of kids minds. For a style of music that should make people think and has done so in the past it doesn't seem to be a priority any more. "Friends and Family" is the call of the day and thats alright except for the 546th time. Straight Edge became a trend as did Veganism. Some people just didn't question what they were doing and did it to be cool.There are some cool punk bands in Australia that are pushing the political angle. Unfortunately thats probably where it will stay. Political bands also tend to create the stuck up snooty listener as well. The "i know more than everybody" person, nobody likes that wanker.

OBM: What about the future plans with “HER NIGHTMARE? Maybe a new album?

Yep. Definately. We are going to record it in a couple of months and hopefully have it available in March of '08. Cant fucking wait. We've been playing the same songs for two years hoping nobody would notice.

OBM: And now, do have some final words to your fans and our readers?
Nothing profound comes to mind. Hope to see you someday.

- Chris/HN


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