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OBM: Give us a short overview about  "As We Fight"!

Soren: We are a band from Denmark playing metal since 2001. We have toured Europe several times and released two albums on Dockyard1 and Goodlife Recordings! The first album came out in 2004 and the latest album was released in 2006.


OBM: You play on the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2007 how do you feel to play on this tour and how would you prepare you for that tour?

Soren: We are naturally excited about being on that tour. It will be a blast!!! Having MTV sponsoring the tour creates a lot of media attention, which definitely gives this tour a different approach. As for preparation, we don’t do anything differently. We just go out there and rock as we always do.


OBM: What are your musical roots and which bands are your most influences?

Soren: It kind of depends on who you ask in the band. I’m a huge Megadeth fan! Dave Mustaine is the riffmeister! Gun is all about Pantera. Jason is the Danzig-head! Niller does Iron Maiden. Martin has a more old school metal approach with bands like Slayer and Illdisposed.


OBM: Whats the meaning of your band name "As We Fight?

Soren: The bandname had a meaning to us in the beginning, but today it’s a symbol of us as six individuals rock in out in metal band. AWF is not really the same band as when we started out.


OBM: How comes the ideas and the creative for the Songs?

Soren: It’s quite random actually. We don’t have a specific set-up for new songs. We just throw the riffs we have up in the air and try to find a good flow to it. For the new songs, the approach is definitely a lot more on metal than on last album’s rock’n’roll approach.


OBM: How important is the technical guitar and drum work for your sound?

Soren: I think it’s pretty important, but sometimes it can be a lot more effective to go for the simple solution. We don’t think about it too much. It’s all about finding a good flow, groove and rhythm.


OBM: What is the different between your first album and your second album (specially the sound)?

Soren: We generally went for a more metal approach with some rock’n’roll stuff thrown into the mix. On top of that we’ve grown a lot as musicians after the debut album, so there is more technical stuff in the new album.

OBM: What are your inspirations for your songs?

Soren: It varies a lot. It’s mostly various metal bands or rocking metal bands like The Haunted, Nine and stuff like that... but hey! Testament and Megadeth are always good inspirations!


OBM: Which feeling was it for you, when you recorded your first full length album?

Soren: It’s a huge milestone for a musician; no doubt about it. I was really damn excited to get some of our rock out in the airwaves.


OBM: What is your favorite song on your current album and why?

Soren: It kind of varies to which mood I’m in. If I’m up for some metal-oriented stuff, I’d go with ‘Annihilation’. If it’s about the rock - ‘Dead End Streets’. ‘Where Eagles Turn’ is however the strongest song in my opinion. Not my favorite though.

OBM: How are the reactions on your latest album, from your friends and fans?

Soren: We definitely reached a lot more people with ‘Midnight Tornado’. The style changed toward more rock and more metal. Not so much hardcore anymore, so some of the old school AWF people swear to the old album. It has generally been very well received though. The reviews have been great!

OBM: Who has design your album cover, were you involved by the design?

Soren: We just wanted something light colored. That was the basic idea. Michael Lauritsen Dahl came up with the concept on the new album the pretty flawless facade of a girl. Behind her back she holds a dozen poppy flowers, which is a symbol of the sleep of death.


OBM: Do you sometimes remember how everything has started as a band or do you think only in the future?

Soren: Of course we think back in time. We have so many great memories with the band. It’s been one hell of a ride, both up and down. But generally we look forward. I think that it’s important for a band to look forward, otherwise it is easy to stagnate.


OBM: Which are best the concert experiences, that you ever had?

Soren: There are several amazing experiences. Our first big show was at the Fredericia Hardcore Festival in 2004; right after the release of our debut and there was massive sing-a-long and all that stuff! That being the first time that we played for a big crowd going crazy as hell – that is definitely one of the most memorable shows that we’ve had!


OBM: Do you already work on new songs, for a new album?

Soren: Hell yeah! We already have three songs in the can, and I can say that our new drummer is amazing!!! He’s even better than we thought when we had audition and all that. He’s damn amazing! But you should probably expect that we’re going towards our Danish thrash/death inheritance. We feel really damn great about it!


OBM: How are the Hardcore and Metal scene in Denmark, what’s your opinion?

Soren: Especially the metal scene is growing a lot at the moment. There are a lot of bands having international success, so it’s beginning to reflect in the domestic area as well. I don’t really know about the hardcore scene. The metal and hardcore scene is pretty much the same people up here. We have the Fredericia Hardcore Festival once a year, which had 2500 people per day last year, so I guess that it’s doing pretty well too!


OBM: Did any member plays in a sideband Project, or is As We Fight the one and only?

Soren: Jason and Niller play in Gabriel Is Bleeding, but it’s mostly a studio-project for now. They are preparing their first album. I play in a hardcore band with Laurits (old AWF singer) and some guys from Struggle Against and Motorhate. We are called Snakes and Wolves, you’ll hear from us soon!!! I don’t think that Gun and Martin has anything at the moment. They were in other bands, but I think that they quit.

OBM: What’s your opinion to the straight edge scene?

Soren: I don’t really spend time on whether people are straight edge or not. Whatever people like to do; it’s totally cool!


OBM: Do you have plans for a US Tour, in the next time?

Soren: Naturally, we’d love to play overseas, but we still have to rock in Europe quite a bit. We still haven’t been to the UK (we’re going in August though!), and we also have to play in Norway and Finland. We still have plenty of stuff to do in Europe, so I think that we’re going to do that first. However, if the possibility shows up, we’ll take it!


OBM: Many people think metalcore would be only a trend, what do you think about that?

Soren: They are probably right. At least the generic build up songs with the obvious clean sung chorus. A lot of metalcore bands today are however pretty much just metalbands.. and metal will never die!


OBM: What are your goals for 2007?

Soren: We’re heading out on a European tour in April and May. In August we’ll head out on another European tour doing some festivals as well. In September we’re going to do a high profile tour in Denmark, but more about that later. October is recording time for the next album. It’ll be a great year!


OBM: What is planned for the next time and upcoming year?

Soren: The task for us for 2007 is quite simple. We will do the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour and then we’ll write a shitload of new metal songs. We have already booked the Smart N Hard Studio with Jacob Bredahl for January, so expect a late Spring/early Summer release from us! We will naturally jump into the tour van to support this upcoming third album.

As We Fight, The Psyke Project - Ebola Split


As We Fight, The Psyke Project-Ebola Split


As We Fight-Meet Your Maker


As We Fight-Midnight Tornado


As We Fight-Black Nails And Bloody Wrists


As We Fight-The Darkness of Apocalypse Has Fallen Before Us


Line Up:
Esben Hansen - Gesang

Martin Goltermann - Gitarre

Martin Olsen - Gitarre

Soren Hvidt - Bass

Niels Christian - Schlagzeug



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