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OBM: At first, how the things going on for you guys with the band?
Right now we’re working on new song, playing as much it possible when our times and works us allow it, we play a few months ago here in Argentina with HSB and Caliban really cool people.

OBM: Tue Madsen had mix and mastering your last album, how came it to this collaboration?
Our partner from BFP give us the contact through our label Liberation Records, then we make the contact with Tue Madsen, he help us a lot with our record, really he’s a true professional worker, it’s enough with listen our the record to know what we are talking about, we are really thankful with him.

OBM: Your album cover was designed by Rafal Wechterowicz, how it came in addition that he has designed your cover?
We know him from our first European tour, but we contact through myspace, like Tue Madsen he..s an amazing artist too, his design are state of the art, was a truth honor for us that a vegan sxe artist accept not only to do the cover but also the complete design art of our record.


OBM: Do you write on new songs for an new album?
We start to write new songs, really heaviest and harder moshing tunnes than before. We’re very anxious and excited with this new process.

OBM: You are three singers in your band, thats something special in the scene, how it arrived (came to that)?
We were strong influenced by path of resistance definitively with this issue, can’t see other explanation possible. The truth here is, we don’t have a solid team, cause the other side-project bands from our member, there were times in which we had to play with 2 singers or 1 guitarist.

OBM: What is the matter about in your songs, are these personal things?
We use our music as a weapon, a way to express our anger, spreading more than our personals point of view about global reality, our belief and ideas are important too, using strong and direct message always to get a change of conscience in people.

OBM: When you have started with “Nueva Etica”, was it difficult for you to get to gigs in Argentina?
Never, we’re not friend from everyone involve on the hc scene but we’re a mind opened HC band, we play with many bands throughout our long history, as always we say: we play where we want and when we want, nothing can’t stop our free will.

OBM: Are you still working beside your band?
That rights! Here in South America nobody lives playing HC Music, all the member on this band have real job, HC don’t pay our bills and food, we still play because we love it.

OBM: Have you any other side projects outside your band?
Everyone in NxE have another music or band project, so that why it’s harder set up show for NxE here in Argentina because we must until all bands member scheduled are free to play, it’s insane.

OBM: How you come on your band name “Nueva Etica”, what the idea behind the name?
Nueva Etica is the translation to spanish for New Ethic, a lot of kids think that the name come from an ExC song, although it would be incredible for us because we loved the band and that song has much meaning for us, but we choose this name because thinking about a new ethic of respect, a revolution that has to burn inside everyone's hearts so we can fight for whatever each of us think is just and fair.

OBM: How do you work on an album, how looks your working wise and development, are you going completely prepared in the studio?
We stold tunnes from Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax to do our records hahahahahaha just kidding, we join together on a member..s house to talk about the music and lirics, then we practice a lot till be sattisfied, we shape each song as much as possible to get the best result on it.

OBM: Who are your idols in terms of music and do you use those influences for your own sound?

We feel disappoint you but we do not have idolos, perhaps people or bands that they have influenced over each member throughout our entery human life, like classic metal bands, hip hop, pop, rock and roll and obviously HARDCORE..s all time bands.

OBM: What are your strengths as band?

Strong Friendship, still love hardcore music, and the most important still believe on the vegan straight edge commitment.


OBM: How is the hardcore scene in South America, is it big?
Not like Europe, but yeah it’s big, Chile and Brazil are the bigger then Argentina.

OBM: Can you tell us something other good Hardcore bands from Argentina?

You have HC bands like Orientacion and Otra Salida or melodic bands like Sudarshana in Argentina, Tiempos de Honor and Asunto from Chile, on Brazil you have COG , Confronto and Linea de Frente. All of this bands are really good

OBM: Have you plans for an euopean tour this year?

We are talking with our Booking agency to do a tour around fall/winter, we’ll see what happen, check news on our myspace.

OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers and your fans?

Thanks to you for this time! We are not rock stars! We don’t have fans hahahaha, Hope to see you and our European supporters once again in 2008! Take care.




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