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OBM: First of all describe your band in a few words and tell us something about your band history!

Basically man we've all grown up together we met at a young age. We really ‘did’ do the usual cliché of meeting in school and college, in bars at gigs etc. The ‘rest’ as they say……….

OBM: What are you doing in private beside the band? What music do you most likely listen to?

We don’t really have lives anymore, we put everything we've got into this band to make it work. We're constantly doing interviews like this, on the road or writing material. It’s important that we keep ourselves busy and make certain we don’t slack off and get complacent, we like to keep our finger on the pulse so we can get the best out of every situation.We listen to all kinds of stuff man. If we're on tour its normally cheesy 80's rock so we can have a laugh and the constant driving doesn’t get too tedious!

OBM: What does the name "Malefice" mean to you?

‘Malefice’ means an act of evil intent. That kinda sums us up as people because we've never taken any shit from anyone. We always identified with people like us, those people who won’t/don’t conform to some bullshit stereotype, and now we’re getting some recognition for doing what we love, then maybe it’ll show that there are a lot of individuals out there, it’s OK to be yourself, your life, your way, that kind of thing!

OBM: So Your first album „Entities" came out that month. How long have you been in the studios and how does it feel to have the first album out?

It feels amazing man! It feels like we've been waiting for this moment for too long! We're all beyond proud of ourselves at the moment, what with the album reviews and more importantly, the feedback from the fans, they’re the ones who count for us, it's all been amazing!

Entities took us about a month to complete. The tracking was done surprisingly quickly as we were all really confident with the songs, which left us loads of extra time for guitar and vocal overdubs here and there just to make a good album a classic album! We worked with Dan and Justin from ‘Sikth’ and they totally got the best out of us. Because of their background they could really relate to what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go with ‘Entities’. It was a great experience recording this album!

OBM: Who does the songwriting on the whole or do you write your songs together?And what are your main inspirations?

Our main influence is pretty much each other. We feed off each other all the time, this is the reason we've stuck together and the reason the band works so well. It takes 5 guys to play this stuff live and it takes 5 of us to write it. We don’t have some egotistical twat that dictates to us all like most bands, there’s 5 people that take control in this unit, that’s what makes us stronger! We all want to be leaders in our own fields, none of us wants to be second best, so we’re always pushing ourselves and each other to be that bit better, more brutal, expressive etc

OBM: Even though „Entities" did just hit the stores you've already planned a lot of shows and you'll be also at Damnation Festival this year.How were the reactions on the album and how did you manage to get already that lots of shows?

Well like I said earlier, the reactions to the album have all been positive. We're also touring Europe in November with ‘Dillinger Escape Plan’ and ‘Meshuggah’. The only way we could have achieved any of this is by the team we've got working behind the scenes. Behind every successful band you've got a ruthless manager, an amazing label and brilliant press agents, and not forgetting die hard fans. We are lucky to have all of these so we get pushed from different directions all the time ensuring we're playing where we should be! We all believe in the ‘aim high – achieve’ way of thinking.

OBM: What bands do you play with in those concerts, and what bands do you wish to play with in future? Do you have some favorites?

This year alone we've played with ‘Sepultura’, ‘Chimaira’, ‘Sikth’ and ‘Arch Enemy’ and by the end of the year we can add ‘Meshuggah’, ‘Dillinger Escape Plan’, ‘Kreator’, ‘Kataklysm’, ‘1349’ and ‘Aborted’ etcWe'd love to share a stage with bands like ‘Machine Head’ and ‘Lamb Of God’. And of course ‘Metallica’, but maybe that’s asking a bit to much? Maybe sometime in 2008……haha

OBM: Are you excited about the Damnation Festival? And is it your first Festival at all?

I suppose it is yeah? Damnation is going to be great! We've got some good friends on the bill as well, we’ve been warned already to practice our team drinking, so we know its going be one massive party all day!

OBM: When did you get to Anticulture Records and how was it for you?Did you have any other Records before?

We joined Anticulture in Feburary/March this year. Ever since we put pen to paper we've never looked back, they've treated us really well and always have had our best interests in mind!I think it really helps that we have the same work ethic, they know that if we are booked to do a show, we’ll be there, if we have an album to record, it’ll be with them on time or sooner. By the same token, we know that if we need promotion, it gets done, if we have questions they get answered and we all work towards being the best.They've got us to where we needed to be quickly, and we thank them for that!

OBM: What about the Scene that surrounds you in the Uk.Was it hard to get known there?

Yeah it was man. People in the U.K generally look to America for music and over-look what they’ve got on their own doorstep. I’m sure the same is true everywhere, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. So it took us a while to get in front of people, but once the album came out, the reviews came in, we managed to get more gigs and more press, people started to hear about us and more people told their friends and so on. It’s just grown so that now we have an expanding family of fans that make us want to get out on the road so they can come and party with us.

OBM: What are your plans for the future?

Much more of the same! Playing to thousands of people, and soon to start writing a new album! We’re keen to make sure that we don’t miss out on any of the creative feelings we have so we’re always writing and getting ready to record, then back out on the road playing to as many people as possible!

OBM: What about playing in germany in the near future?

We're stopping in Germany on the Meshuggah Dillinger tour. We’re really looking forward to it, we’ve heard some great things about playing in mainland Europe and we’re buzzing with anticipation and can’t wait to get there. Check our myspace for full dates :

OBM: Finally you'll get the chance to tell our readers anything you want!

Thanks everyone for your support. Come down and join the fun on the tour in November. If you haven't manage to grab a copy of our album you can order it online, details are on our myspace page and we hope to see some of you on the road soon!


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