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OBM: Who had established your band and in which year was it?
Path Of No Return was established in early 2001. We all knew
eachother back then but played in different bands, and as these bands
dissolved we agreed on starting a band together

wich became Path Of No Return.

OBM: What kind of music make "Path Of No Return"?

Our music is some kind of metallic hardcore: brutal, chaotic,
energetic, but with more dynamics and melodic and atmospheric
elements that has become a bigger part on the latest album.

OBM: Do you have some musical influences in your sound?
We listen to a lot of different music, and I guess you can hear some
influences from other bands in our music, but we try to be innovative
and make our own unique music.

OBM: What does "Path Of No Return" mean for you?
Path Of No Return for us means that we are always heading forward and
taking the music and the band to the next level.

OBM: Who has designed your album cover for you or did you do it by
yourself and present it the statement from your Album?

It is Adam who plays bass who does all our artwork: Album covers,
merchandise, backdrops, website and what not. The artwork has become
a bigger part because we want to visually express the feeling you get
from listening to our music.

OBM: How was the songwriting for your album "The Absinthe Dreams"?

The writing for this album was a really long process. We were
determined to do something quite different from our debut album
"Black Nights Coming", so the songs didn't come easy. But once we had
written a couple of songs that we were satisfied with we knew where
we were heading and the process went a bit smoother. We made a
preproduction demo of a few songs in late 2005, and shortly after
that our former vocalist Adam Hector left the band, wich made the
process even longer.

OBM: Which topics are treated in your first album "The Absinthe
Dreams"? Tell us a litte bit about the lyrics!

All the lyrics on this album are written by Adam. I know we're four
completely different individuals with differnt views on things. We're not
a political band at all, but we hate to get stuck in old patterns,
both musically and lyric wise. Talking about broken hearts or unmotivated
violence feels kind of worn out, and it can't mean a thing to anyone really
as that story has been told a million times already. We try to capture the feeling
of life as we see it in our lyrics. It can be a really personal story as
well as a story captured in a bigger picture. We like to keep it pretty abstract
what we're really talking about, so people can interpretent it the way they want.

OBM: From where do you get the ideas and the creative for the songs?

We listen to a lot of different music that inspires us, but we also
get a lot of inspiration from movies, books, eachother and life in


OBM: How important for you is the technical guitar and drum work for your

I wouldn't say that it is important for us to sound that way, but the
guitar riffs and drum parts we write often turn out to be an
unconventional rythm or in an odd time signature, so i guess it has
become an important part of our sound.

OBM: How was the first feedback about your first album?
The feedback has been great! Friends and fans seem to like the album
and the reviews so far have been good.

OBM: Your tour will start at the 12. September in Göteborg / Sweden. And
you will also play in Germany, too. Is this your first tour in
Europe or have you ever tour across Europe, before?

Yes, we will do five shows in Sweden and then a couple of weeks later
the European tour with Nine will start. We have toured Europe three
times before.

OBM: Did you ever tour with other bands? Who and how was it?
Yes, our first tour in Europe, we and a German band called Redrum > inc. were opening for Crowbar. Even though our music differ quite a
lot the tour was great, and we had a lot of fun with the guys of
those bands, and a lot of cool shows. In early 2006 we went on
tour, opening for Shattered Realm, wich was cool too. Not as great
shows as the earlier tours though, because our music differ quite a
lot too, and their audience weren't so much into the music we're

OBM: What is planed for the next time and up coming this / next year?
We have some more tours scheduled this year and early 2008, but it's
not official yet. And when not on the road we will start writing
material for our next album.

OBM: And finally, do you have some final words for your fans and our

We have a brand new website up and running which you should totally
check out. A lot of new pictures, some songs from the album and some
video clips from the making of "The Absinthe Dreams". Also check the
tour dates and see if we will play near you. If that's the case, come
check us out and be dazzled!



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