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OBM: Hi guys, at first how are things going ?                                                                     

Aurel: Pretty good! We’ve been away for a long time. But we’re back with a new record.
Shows also comin’ up soon. We all missed that...  

OBM: For those people who don’t know who you are could you introduce the

band  members and tell us who  does what?

Aurel: OFTC is 6 members: me on the drums, Ken and Ben on the mic, Daniel

and Fab on the guitars and Billy plays bass.

OBM: Can you tell us a bit about the band background? How did you all meet?

Aurel: We all knew each others before, Daniel was playin’ in Kickback before he joined us.
Billy used to be our roadie on some tours and Ben was a friend of mine....

OBM: When you formed “OUT FOR THE COUNT”, what did you want to achieve with theband?

Aurel: I guess we just wanted to play some shows... We didn't know this would get so important to us.

OBM: You’ve signed to “Filled With Hate Records”, how did those guys get involved with theband?

Aurel: Ali from Die my demon introduced us to Axel at FWH and then we've found a deal

OBM: How many cd's you have recorded up to now and could you tell us a

little bit about your older releases?                                                

Aurel: We’ve already recorded a demo and an album, we're also about to release

a new album... still on fwh records, which is called "between light and shade"This one's more personal, darker. It's definitively different than what we did before. It’s way more agressive...

OBM: How long did you work on this record, on which part have you particularly

worked for a long


Ken: We made it pretty quickly. We hadn’t played for a long time when we decided to give that shit a new breath and to put ourselves back in it. It all came out like naturally.

OBM: Can you tell us a little bit about your songwriting, how did the

songs grow, how do you work on your songs?

Aurel: Musically we usually do that during the practices, we all come with our own ideas and mix everything up.
Ken: Personally I barely don’t get involved in the songwriting… musically, I mean. The others handle that very well. I’ve done my part by writing all the lyrics…

OBM: Could you tell us about some of your favourite songs on the album

and what inspired them lyrically?

Aurel: My favs are “after the fall” and “black rain”.
Ken: I think those two are my favorites too… Lyrically they’re the most personal of that album. I did really put some pieces of myself in it… I also really like “another day in paradise” on which we share the mic with Romain of Purgatory.

OBM: What do you think about the rest of the french metal and hardcore scene?

Any favourite bands and how is the scene in Paris?

Aurel: I’m not into the actual hardcore scene, not only talking ‘bout the french scene, I think it's the same everywhere, peoples are just doing that to look cool, I hate that, some of the real french bands you really gotta check are Purgatory and Kickback

OBM: Do kids come out to see local shows?

Aurel: Sure, they do...

OBM: You use Myspace, how much of a help has that been for a band,what is your opinion?

Aurel: It's a cool thing but too much crappy band got formed coz of that, it became so simple to promote a band, back in the days, you had to send cds to promoters, give phone calls, make connections.... they were also less fakes

OBM: What is your live show like?

Ken: It’s like our sound: aggressive and raw…


OBM: Who would your ideal tour be with?

I’d say integrity or all out war, would be fuckin’ great, bodycount!
Ken: Damn right!

OBM: You play at the Outlaw Festival in November,is this your

first time that you play in Germany?

No, we played Germany many times, we're looking forward to get back there...
Ken: I really like playin’ in Germany… Crowd is hot down there.

OBM: Do you guys work as well as the band or is this now a full time occupation?

Aurel: We all work, hardcore music doesn’t pay the rent.
Ken: Right, can’t be a full time occupation. But it has a real influence on our lives, and our works. It’s definitely an investment of time, money etc. But it worths it. “No pain, no gain”… You know what I mean.

OBM: What are your next plans?

Aurel: Get back on stage...
Ken: Yeah right. Now that we have that new record, gonna get back on stage…

OBM: At last, have you some final words for our readers and your fans !
Ken: Well… Check out our stuff. If you’re looking for something aggressive and raw, you definitely gonna like our new shit. To those who already know us, and follow us, thanx for your support. We see ya on tour.


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