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OBM: Hi guys, thanks for your time, how are you today?

Hey there… Thanks… Hope you’re fine too…

OBM: For those people who haven’t heard of “Since Yesterday”, could you give us a brief life story?

We are a six-piece hardcore/metal band from Ankara, Turkey and are about to record a debut album.  We have played many shows and released 6 demos during the 5 years we’ve been together. Most recently we have played at the Summer Rocks Open Air Festival with bands like Madball, UDO, Moonspell and Last Hope and Rock Station Open Air Festival with Machinemade God and Sirenia.

OBM: How did you guys meet? I believe you’ve been around since 2002?

That’s right. From the original members of 2002 only Burak and Can remain.  We met randomly at a music shop in Ankara the year Since Yesterday was born.

OBM: What about line-ups? How old is this line-up of Since Yesterday, i mean you have a few line-up problems in 2004?
After many changes in the earlier periods of the band as you say, the current line-up is Mansur Asrar and Can Gucyener - Vocals, Cem Saydam and Burak Kilic - Guitars, Yigit Uney - Bass and Oktay Fistik - Drums.  The line-up has been finalized two years ago.

OBM: How would you describe your sound?

We all listen to different types of music and add whatever sounds right to our tunes.  If we were to describe our sound we would have to say it’s somewhere between Hardcore and Metal with some progressive elements.

OBM: Your first cd was a 7-track demo CD titled “Maybe Tomorrow” in the year 2003, how different is your sound now to the new EP material?

We started off in 2002 with a style that could appropriately be branded as pop-punk/hardcore.  Our First EP naturally had that sound blended in.  Throughout the years, we have always been in the search for the ideal and unique sound of Since Yesterday and as our own musical tastes and line-up changed our sound eventually came to what we do today.

OBM: Could you tell us about your older releases?
Since Yesterday’s first release „Maybe Tomorrow“ came out in their first year.  In 2003, we recorded „These Words Are How You Bled From My Wrists“ and released a split EP together with the band „In Between“ from Izmir, Turkey. In 2004, we released another split EP with „Planes Mistaken For Stars“, „Candy Sniper“ and „In Between“.  Later, we released „It’s Time To Move On, My Dear“ (2006) and „The Art of Eremophobia“ (2007). 

OBM: Who does the songwriting on the whole or do you write your songs together? And what are your main inspirations?

Most members write lyrics on their free time and if the lyrics are liked by the band, we use them. What inspires us about our lyrics is life in general.  We try to express what we think is wrong about relationships, thoughts or acts that we come across every single day.  We try to write the lyrics of every track so that it gives away the feeling of what the tunes try to say and complete the song in a way. So the lyrics are, for us, just like the tunes, a way to express our feelings about a topic.

OBM: What does the band name mean, are there a deeper background on it? What inspired the name of the band?

The band name doesn’t have a story or anything.  We just happened to like „Since Yesterday“ more than any of the many names we wrote down as suggestions on the day we decided to give a name to the band.

OBM: You will recording soon a full length album, are you working at the moment on the songs for that album?
Yeah sure. Most tracks on the album will be songs that we wrote recently so we have some detail fixing to do.

OBM:What about musically, there is more to the sound than just the standard hardcore/metalcore sound – what sort of bands inspire you?

As said before, we all listen to different bands and genres. The bands that inspire us are simply those that mean most to every one of us.

OBM:Are you looking for an record label?

Yes we are. As an unsigned band about to record an album, we need a record label for the distribution of it and we are also looking for a booking agency that can help us arrange shows outside Turkey.

OBM:What do you think about the rest of the Turkish metal and hardcore scene? Any favorite bands?

Well the Turkish metal and hardcore scene is still in the growing phase.  The number of kids in the scene has multiplied itself during the near past. This also means that there are many new bands and the quality and diversity is always going up.  We do have favorite bands but would rather not name any as writing them all down would take too long and more importantly we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out by mistake.

OBM: Do you guys work as well as the band or is this now a full time occupation?

We all either work or study somewhere.  It’s sadly impossible to live with only a hardcore band in Turkey. Having an album does not change much here so as long as we live here, the situation will probably not change although we would wish to be able to give all our time to this band.

OBM: How important is something like Myspace. Is it the ultimate tool for promoting and up and coming band,what is your opinion?

For us myspace is a great opportunity. We couldn’t have come to the point we are today without it.  Communication with the hardcore scene of Europe and America which is a must would have not been as easy as it is. I mean we’ve even found you guys from myspace, haven’t weJ

OBM: What about your local scene, what’s that like in terms of venues and promoters?
Our local scene is pretty rad compared to some other parts of Turkey.  The best thing is that they like coming together to spend some time together and not just sit at home. This is really good for us too as we never played a show under a hundred people. There are many venues that accept to squeeze in a gig every so often and as it is all over the world their qualities vary.  Promoting is sadly a new thing for Turkey and until now it was always the band itself doing all the work.

OBM: Do the kids come out to see local bands?
Yes they do.  Supporting the local underground scene is important to many people in it.  Not only do they come to gigs, they also bring new people along.  This way the scene never stops growing and the bands get a chance to play to people who have never heard of them before and even maybe adding them to their „fan-list“.

OBM: When can we expect to see you live here in Germany?
We are planning to come to Germany as soon as possible.  We have already made some contacts and are thinking about touring Germany when the album comes out.  Anyone interested in seeing us in their town and think they can help can contact us and we can probably figure something out.

OBM: What are your goals for the future?

Our first goal is to bring the album out as perfect and as soon as possible.  We have waited 5 years for the right time for the debut album and we think it has come so we are all really excited about the whole thing.  After the album our goal with be to join a good record label who can bring us even further.

OBM: And finally, do you have some final words for your fans and our

Thank you guys for giving us this great opportunity with the interview.  If anyone is interested or questions or what so ever, our mypace page and contact address are:

Hope to see you guys soon!


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