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OBM: Can you give us a short lesson of your bands background?

“Fightcast” has no meaning. It’s a “5simple persons” creature that began from nothing, presenting his art everywhere. 5 near elements; 1 dream! Fightcast is just a way to be, to live, to rock! They do not change the world with the music. Just play it!!!

OBM: Your first MCD "Killer Goodfellas Family" was self-produced back in 2004, what is with your new upcoming Album "The White Pitch" is it also self-produced?

First of all “The White Pitch” is not the album title, but the last song Fightcast composed before all the recording sessions. The ‘04 project was self-produced, but now we are searching for labels that like our new cd.


OBM: What’s the different between your Mcd and your new album? What have change musically?

The Mcd “Killer Goodfellas Family” is like a live recording session and it’s just what you can listen to our concerts. No tricks, no magicians, just two guitars, two rough voices, one bass and a simple drum recorded all together. For that time that was what we were looking for. This time instead we decided to record the new material @ Studio 73 (xreprisalx, sentence, slow-motion apocalypse and many more) with Riccardo Pasini’s help! Now we have a better sound quality cd. This new work is characterized by a greater technique and experiences earned thanks to the constant and satisfactory live activities of the last two years.

OBM: When is the release from the new album?

We hope as soon as possible!


OBM: What inspired you lyrically?

Usually Fightcast are inspired by personal experiences, simple human’s situations and everything happens all around us… Lyrics are the most important things and we try to express our feelings with metaphor (for example The White Pitch means one of Fightcast’s characteristic: the coherency)


OBM: Do you have a particular favorite place to play or would you have a special place where you like to play?

WE ARE NOT ROCK STARS!! It’s doesn’t matter the place, but the people listen to you! Fightcast played from big and good quality sound stage. We try to give you the best show! We can play in the empty rooms with only the barman.


OBM: Can you tell us something about the Italian scene?

The Italian scene today is divided in 2 groups: the Metal and the HC one. The shows are everything can give us inspirations. I divided too. Fightcast is in the middle


OBM: It is easy to get gigs in Italy?

We had more than 40 gigs in 2 years thx to MySpace and friendly contacts, but it was difficult organize all. Sometimes we played at 700&more km city far from home completely FREE! This is the reason why the Italian scene is different from the other ones, and why it’s hard find music locations…


OBM: Are there many venues, where you can play?

In these last years the scene became bigger than ever, but here in Italy is too hard play metal. We’ve a lot of locations where the bands can play, but the owners of these don’t want promote the young group like us…they want engaged big artists only for economic reasons…


OBM: Which bands in your country can you advise us?

The most famous are Lacuna Coil, Linea 77 and Extrema but there are a lot of good bands we had the pleasure to play with : Slow-motion Apocalypse, Sentence, Kernel zero, Doomsday, The Secret, Browbeat and many more…


OBM: You played with great bands like Caliban, The Agony Scene, Linea 77 and so on, how was it for you?

Every  gig of us  is full of energy, happiness and rock. It was too amazing play with these great bands, for the people, for the quality of the sound, for the organization, but we want the people know we make all our gigs at the 1st step…it doesn’t matter who are the other bands.

OBM: What are your future plans and aims for your band?

Now, the biggest thing we could have is a good record label/distribution. We just play our music as much as possible…


OBM: Have you a record label in prospect?

No, we’re looking for. The promo cds are going to leave in these days!


OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers and your fans?

Before this interview Fightcast didn’t know "Own Blood-Magazine “found us! Early gave us this promotion opportunity, the best thing for a unknown band like us! These magazines are a way to spread the music everywhere…read it! You can become our (and many more bands’) dreams true!! Thx u!!!

Fightcast-The White pitch


Fightcast-Breeding a Divinity


Fightcast-Killer Goodfellas Family


Line Up:
Filippo Tellerini - Gesang

Alberto Casadei - Gitarre, Gesang

Stefano Casadei - Gitarre

Francesco Vicini - Bass

Marco Biondi - Schlagzeug



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