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OBM: At first, how are the things by you guys?
(DAVE)Things are going great! We have the new lineup all set in place and we’re having

the best time we’ve ever had!

OBM: Can you tell us a bit about the band background!
(DAVE)Well, we started in early 2002 and started writing a ton of music and self-releasing demos for the next year. The summer of 2002, I played guitar for unearth on a tour and that was around the same time that Unearth front man, Trevor started his label Ironclad Recordings. I gave him one of our demos and he was interested in releasing a full length. That’s where Valor & Vengeance came about. About 3 years later, Metalblade Records bought out our contract with ironclad and we released No Compromise in February of 2007. Since then we have been touring as much as we possibly can. But recently, we had some lineup changes.

OBM: You have two new band members Nate and Ricky, could you tell us a

little bit about them, are they a big new musical insparation for the band?
(DAVE) These two guys are the best thing to happen to this band. Their attitudes are flawless, which is incredibly important in a full time touring band. When you’re on the road for 8 months of the year sitting shoulder to shoulder with the same 4 guys, you need to be able to get along with them greatly. Nate and Ricky are totally dedicated and fun dudes to tour and write with. I cannot wait for what the future of this band holds for us now that we are full steam ahead!

OBM: You had in the past many line up changes,did this damaged your band or make this your band only stronger, better and pushed you to work tougher?

(DAVE) It has strongly urged us to work harder to get it right and accomplish more. Yes, we’ve had some lineup changes, but we‘ve worked so hard to not skip a beat so I think I’m most proud of that.

OBM: What inspired the name of the band?

(DAVE) I had seen a leather-bound diary from the 1840’s years ago and the first three words written were “Since the flood..” and went on to explain two missing children in a flood. I basically made a mental note that Since The Flood would be an all right band name, and 3 or 4 years later I started STF, so when we needed a name, everyone was into it. Nothing special. Sorry to disappoint you

OBM: How did metalblade records actually get attentive on you?

(DAVE) Metalblade was taking care of record distribution for Ironclad recordings when were were on IR. After seeing us on the main stage of the New England Metalfest in 2004 I believe, Mike and Brian approached us and showed interest. Nothing really came of it until the following year at the same show. The ball started to roll around mid-2005. We wrote and recorded No Compromise while we waited for politics to roll over. And Here we are.

OBM: Did you ever think,when you started with the band,that you would sign with such a big label like metalblade records?

(DAVE) Sometimes I think about that very question in my head. The answer is of course not! When we first started, we would be excited enough to play a solid weekend of shows at elks lodges and American VFW’s(Halls). I still find it hard to believe we’re on MB! One of my all time favorite music labels EVER!And to make it all the better, they actually treat their artists with love and respect! Nowadays that’s a rare thing to find. But MB is the real deal! Nothing but serious love for everyone in the metalblade offices!

OBM: Where do you find inspiration when you write/make music, are this more personal experiences?

(DAVE) Speaking personally, I find influence mostly in underground music I had first gotten into growing up. When I heard “Destroy The Machines” by Earth Crisis, I was so excited because I didn’t know music could sound that aggressive and angry! Buried Alive came next and I was in awe with the underground hardcore scene. When I learned it had so much to offer, I felt I had something to contribute too. So since then I had written hardcore and metal songs, and I finally found a group of guys who wanted to do something and I ran with it.

OBM: How long did you actually work on your album "No Compromise" on which part have you particularly worked for a long time?

(DAVE) It took us about two and a half months to write No Compromise, and about 10 days to record it. The only thing was, we had the CD written and recorded for almost a year before Metalblade released it. So you can imagine how eager we were to get on the road and play these songs that were new to us.

OBM: Could you tell us about your older releases ? How different are they to your current album?
(DAVE) I believe Valor & Vengeance is more of a raw recording and the song writing process was all over the place. We had songs of different “sub genres” of metal and hardcore that one usually wouldn’t find on the same CD on V&V. No Compromise is DEFINETLY a more concentrated release. Like I said we wrote the record in just under 3 months, but it was most definitely not rushed. I just think that NC picked up exactly where V&V left off.

OBM: You had recorded "No Compromise" in the Outpost studios and Jim Siegal who has worked with bands like (Blood For Blood, The Dropkick Murphys) had record it! How was the collaboration with him?
(DAVE) Ian of Blood For Blood suggested going to Jim to record our Metalblade Debut because he understands how a hardcore album should sound. We knew that Jim would let our little “signatures” shine through on this CD.

OBM: Can you pick some of your favourite songs on the album and tell us what inspired them?
(DAVE) Definetly my favorite song on the CD is No Compromise. The lyrics say it all! We kind of felt that even though we were working so hard, making ZERO money and spending all our time and effort on the band, we were swimming upstream and making little headway. At the time we had some really bad experiences with management and booking agents who were dicking us around non stop. We would be led in the wrong direction time after time and when it came time to write the new record, we were just about to break ties with a lot of people and this song was sort of a battlecry for us. It was also our way to explaining to the hardcore fans of ours that just because we’re signing to an exclusively metal label, we won’t change our tune.

OBM: How contented have you been,when you hear the first time the completely recorded album,how were your reactions?
(DAVE) We were obviously stoked! Whenever something you create like that is finally put in a hard copy, it’s a breath of fresh air and a huge weight is lifted off our shoulders. Plus we LOVED the way it came out!

OBM: How are the reactions on your latest album?

(DAVE) The reactions are really scattered mainly because Metalblade sends our CD to a lot of Metal heads to review their records. And, to be honest, some metalheads weren’t too pumped that we, a hardcore band, had infiltrated their favorite label. But others were really psyched to see Metalblade expanding their family. We have received many more positive reviews than negative reviews, that’s for sure. But, we appreciate any review, good or bad.

OBM: What kind of bands are your influences and do you put these influences in your own sound?
(DAVE) We absolutely push our influences onto our records. We all listen to such drastically different music and it all shines though I believe. Some of my favorite bands are Undying, Buried Alive, Integrity, Guns N Roses and AC/DC. Luke loves punk hardcore and drinking music haha!! But we both love bands like Madball, Agnostic Front and Death Threat, which all three influences pour into our records I think.

OBM: Your are called one of the hardest working hardcore bands,whats your opinion?

(DAVE) I would much rather be called the hardest working than the heaviest, or fastest, or most insane. I know I speak for my guys when I say that we’ve learned HARD WORK is the only way to move forward in this underground scene that is constantly surfacing everyday. “underground” music is not underground anymore. Many bands have too many other peoples fingers in their pie to get the job done. We really are proud of the fact that we’re self dependent financially, which is not easy, and until recently booked all our own shows and tours. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve never cancelled a show without a seriously legitimate reason.

OBM: What are your strengths as a band?

(DAVE) Well, with our new lineup, I feel like we’re ready to take on the entire world and never heard a negative peep form any of my guys. We are all prepared to work very hard and that’s what we plan on doing!

OBM: What do you prefer to play in big resound (halls) or in small clubs?
(DAVE) I have no preference to be honest. I love the intimacy of floor shows in Halls and I also love the stage of a club. And if the club is packed and the show is crazy, all the better!

OBM: What are your plans to get out over to Europe ? When can we expect to see you here in Germany?

(DAVE) Luckily, we’re leaving for Frankfurt October 18th, 2007 for a month long tour with Full Blown Chaos and First Blood. W eplay Germany often! Come party with us!! Here are the dates!!
19.10.07 Schweinfurt – Der Stattbahnhof (Germany)
20.10.07 Hammerstadt – Kommärzbanck (Germany)
21.10.07 Warszawa – Progressija (Poland)
22.10.07 Berlin – Cassiopeia (Germany)
24.10.07 Örebro – Kulturhuset (Sweden)
25.10.07 Rostock – Moya (Germany)
26.10.07 Leisnig – AJZ (Germany)
28.10.07 Uden – Vegeance Festival (Netherlands)
29.10.07 London – Underworl (Great Britain)
30.10.07 Wolverhampton – Canal Club (Great Britain)
31.10.07 Plymouth – White Rabbit (Great Britain)
01.11.07 Kalmthout – Volkshuis (Belgium)
02.11.07 Immenhausen – AKKU (Germany)
03.11.07 Bratislava – Randal Club (Slovakia)
05.11.07 Augusburg – Kantine (Germany)
06.11.07 Weinheim – Café Central (Germany)
07.11.07 Marburg – KFZ (Germany)
08.11.07 Aarau – Kiff (Switzerland)
09.11.07 Roma – Traffic Club (Italy)
10.11.07 Cesena – Vidia Rock Club (Italy)
13.11.07 Stuttgart – Landespavilion (Germany)
11.11.07 Selargius – Titty Twister (Italy)
14.11.07 Bochum – Zwischenfall (Germany)
15.11.07 Heerlen – Niuwe Nor (Netherlands)
16.11.07 Paris – Batofar (France)
17.11.07 Brugges – Thoprock Festival (Belgium)
18.11.07 Hengelo – Innocent (Netherlands)

OBM: Do you work on an new Album?
(DAVE) We plan to start writing our new album very early in 2008 and possibly get it out by summertime 08!!

OBM: For a band at your level, how important is something like Myspace. Is it the ultimate tool for promoting and up and coming band?
(DAVE) I hesitate to call it the “Ultimate” tool. I truly believe that the best way to promote your band is to perform non-stop. Tour all the time! Play tons of shows! Myspace is definetly a greta thing for reaching fans across the globe, don’t get me wrong. But if I see a band live that has myspace hype and they suck. I will hate them forever. So I guess the moral of the story is, don’t suck.

OBM:At last, have you something to say to our readers and your fans?

(DAVE) I really appreciate you reading this interview! Please come out to one of our shows coming up in Germany throughout Oct/Nov! We will not suck!!


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